Rust - bearing knowledge of rolling bearings

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Bearing rust prevention work is an important work, especially the antirust between process, like bearing in the heat treatment workshop after pickling, cleaning, grinding, there are many working procedure. When the product is not the water production, a sequentially processed is stored in the middle of the rolls, so the process between the bearing ring must be stored in rust. Process between the antirust general approach has the following kinds: 1. Immersed in the rust groove bearing trap immersed in 5% sodium nitrite and 0. 6% aqueous solution of sodium carbonate, the rust prevention effect is good, but to many rust slot devices such as, takes up a lot of space, management is not convenient. 2. Dip-coating concentrated sodium nitrite solution will product after cleaning, immersed with 15% 20% of sodium nitrite and 0. 6% sodium carbonate solution, and then it piled up. Using this method the antirust period short, generally only to maintain a 7 14 days, and in the rainy season, because of the humid weather, can only stay 2 - Must be 3 days to handle, take human and money. 3. Like finished product oil coated with anti-rust oil. This method must be conducted before the execution of a process cleaning, more troublesome. New anti-rust process method is introduced through jointly with the relevant manufacturer, years of production practice shows that the process between the antirust improvements, many times by adopting spraying antirust effect is better. Initial trial was carried out on the roller rust, semi-finished products and finished products with sodium nitrite aqueous wash once a day, after 3 months to sample the results found no rust, now on bearing trap semi-finished products used for spraying antirust, effect also is so. Spraying antirust process is simple, the method is as follows: 1. What construction according to the intermediate storage device, the establishment of a middle library, ground with cement floor, can be set up between a footpath, about 1. 5 m, which is used to pass bearing ring car. Put a deposit at the end of the channel sodium nitrite solution pool, solution formula for 5% Add 0 10% sodium nitrite. 6% sodium carbonate, and on the ground do HuiShuiGou, piled on the floor on both sides, and then the bearing ring between each pile bearing ring with 0. 6 m in the hallway. To tell the middle library design is about 64 m2, the sodium nitrite solution pool for 1 m3. 2. Processing method with sodium nitrite solution every morning washing time, absorption in aqueous solution by water pump from pools to come out, the rubber pipe into the shower, wash bearing ring like spraying. Rinse water solution by HuiShuiGou flow back into the pool, pool in the end of the HuiShuiGou top, made a fine wire and gauze filter with grime textile ash content into the sink. Middle library should be with good quality and clean. Pools of solution once every two days test, according to the test results to supplement, pool solution of replacement period, according to different months - 4 September thoroughly change once every two weeks, October - The following year in March, change once a month. Conclusion spraying antirust, management more convenient and saving labor, the middle library used two rust is not complete, now with a person also can and do other work, from the antirust effect is also significant. In March 2003 to 7002136 and 3620 roller of more than 4000 grain, adopted spraying type anti-rust, nearly more than a year to remain very light, no rust. In addition to the consumption of chemicals also has a lot to save, the roller workshop takes a month more than 4000 kilograms, sodium nitrite and now only 200 kilograms, save nearly half. Spraying type anti-rust method after the relevant manufacturers to test and use in recent years, proof of the cycle, large, batch number, long bearing semi-finished products is very suitable. 3. One of the main causes of corrosion are the following: 1, some enterprises in the process of production of bearing no rust cleaning procedures and oil seal antirust packing in strict accordance with the requirements of bearing parts in the process of machining and assembly after antirust processing of bearing products. Such as ring in the process of turnover turnover time is too long, outer cylindrical contact corrosive liquids or gases, etc. 2, used in the part of the enterprise in the production of rust and the quality of the products such as cleaning the kerosene can not reach the requirements of the technology. 3, due to a bearing steel price drop down again, resulting in bearing steel quality decline gradually. Such as non-metallic impurities content in steel on the high side, The increase of sulfur content in the steel material fall in corrosion resistance) , metallurgical structure deviation, etc. Is now used in bearing steel production enterprise source is miscellaneous, steel quality fish dragon fraud. 4, part of the enterprise's poor environmental conditions, harmful content is high in the air, flow field is too small, it is difficult to effectively antirust processing. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers in violation of the phenomenon such as antirust procedures were there. 5, some enterprises anti-rust paper, nylon paper ( Bag) And a bearing packaging materials such as plastic cylinder does not accord with the requirement of rolling bearing oil seal rustproof packaging is one of corrosion factors. 6, some enterprises bearing ring of turning small allowance and allowance of grinding, the oxide coating on the cylindrical, failed to completely remove decarburization layer is also one of the reasons. 3. Identify 2 bearing corrosion. Determination of rust pit depth, macroscopic observation 1: to observe the imported bearing surface corrosion condition. With the aid of a magnifying glass (2 5 ~ 10 times) Imported bearing appearance corrosion state further observation. 3 a microscope ( 25 ~ 100 times) Analysis of corrosion products. Find out corrosion reason analysis. 4 according to the corrosion level, usually corrosion can be divided into three types: 5 light rust: imported bearing lose metallic luster appearance, appear dark gray. 6: rust imported bearing appearance appear yellow, reddish brown, light brown, or have a small amount of rust powder. 7 heavy rust: imported bearing appearance in black sheet rust layer or bump rusty spot.
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