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by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Biaxial garbage shredding machine is according to the urgent needs of the market, the organization power and combined with the concrete application practice in domestic and foreign customers have produced a new type, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection of the new shredding machine. Biaxial garbage shredding machine with 25 mm - 30 mm thick steel plate automatic welding and become, internal with high manganese steel plate, external with stirrups, makes the machine sturdy. Main component of biaxial garbage shredding machine is introduced: a, power distribution boxes, transmission gear after forging processing and the processing of high frequency quenching, have higher use long life; Second, the fixed knife: knife material guiding role and can prevent the crushing of the material after back to take, clean up the blade; Three, knife holder: fixed knife function, optimizing tool change function, make the tool change more efficient maintenance; Four, seal: special seal structure even when dealing with liquid material can completely protect the machine; Five, the bearing seat, bearing adopts the split type, can quickly remove the knife shaft, blade, sealing system, bearing, etc, easy maintenance and replacement of cutting tools; Six, the knife: using d2 after many overall conditioning heat treatment, cutting tool material hardness and toughness are all the same inside and outside, has high strength and service life, the cutting tool can be used over and over again, on the basis of the original thickness in proportion to ling has a blunt tool grinding can still continue to use. Seven, knife shaft: made of high strength materials by high frequency after quenched and tempered treatment to milling six square, with the stress of the tool is not afraid of damage; Eight, the hopper and frame design according to customer requirements. As time goes by, everything is in constant change, and the good faith is the same, only the sincerity and trust can associate everyone's heart. A kind of love, a true sometimes even heavier than the weight of the world. Henan xing Ming mechanical biaxial garbage shredding machine knows good faith for the importance of an enterprise, and practical action. Xing Ming machinery think only win the trust of users, enhance the user the xing Ming machinery (see article), only such ability let biaxial garbage shredding machine in the increasingly fierce market competition better and faster to develop markets, to ensure smooth economic efficiency of enterprises, healthy and sustainable growth, to gain large profits in a longer time span. Xing Ming foreign honest and trustworthy, can form a huge attraction to constantly win the opportunity of entrepreneurship and development, its credibility will improve, these are invisible helping hand. We honesty system and code of ethics, and resolutely eradicate dishonest behavior in the field of spiritual culture, honest and credit persistent type of biaxial garbage shredding machine.
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