Reinforced shredding machine bearing fever is caused by what reason? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Reinforced shredding machine equipment in the work, bearing production heating phenomenon, directly affects the normal operation of equipment and produce power. Venus mechanical suggest broad user, reinforced shredding machine equipment operation process, bearing temperature and bearing parts of noise, to timely treatment, what reason can form bearing heating phenomenon of the present? Reinforced shredding machine 1, tubing leakage, lack of oil pressure; 2, tubing plugging, lubricating grease activities not free; 3, lubricating oil is too dirty, mixed with sundry; 4, bearing and shaft between the space is too small; 5, lubricating oil selection is not appropriate, particle size is too big or too small; 6, in winter did not open the oil temperature heater, before the oil is too sticky; 7, in the summer, and from the oil pump oil through the oil cooler, oil cooler or shortcomings, such as poor water pipe plug, water and water; 8, bearing cooling water unit faults occur, such as congestion, etc. ; 9, discharging mouth so small ( The thrust plate is too long) The eccentric shaft force is too large; 10, drive belt pull too tight, the bearing stress is too big.
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