Preventive maintenance knowledge important role - bearing NSK bearings stripping

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
NSK bearings stripping damage is bearing the load bearing rotates, inner and outer ring raceway surface or rolling decent present designed stripping due to rolling fatigue phenomenon. Bearing stripping damage reasons: bearing load is too large; Bearing lubrication bad or choose not suitable lubricant; Bad installation, torque load, foreign invasion, or water; Bearing housing for the low precision, the uneven rigidity of shaft deflection of bearing box; Rust, erosion point, scratch and indentation, etc. Precaution: check the size of NSK bearing load and used again bearing; Choose a suitable lubricant on bearing lubrication, improving the lubrication method; Improve the installation methods, strict according to the installation program for installation, improve the sealing device, when stop rust preventive measures; Check the shaft and the accuracy of bearing box, using high precision grade of bearing; Check the bearing clearance, so that it is appropriate. NSK bearings vibration influence on bearing failure is very significant. For example, peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the bearing vibration test so through the use of special bearing vibration measurement device ( Frequency analyzer and vibration meter, etc. ) Can measure the size of the vibration through the frequency distribution can be concluded that the details of the abnormal vibration measured values due to the use of the bearing premise or sensor installation position and different therefore require prior to each machine measurement value judgment dimension after analysis and comparison. At present, the use of increasingly fine precision bearing equipment, prompting NSK bearings used in grease must have the following functions: ( 1) No and bearing the same operation life, try to delay the maintenance cycle, shorten downtime, Labour production rate. ( 2) Is a dn> under the high speed of 5 x 105 to guaranteeing the motor temperature rise is low, don't jilt oil, thus reducing power consumption, shield machine. ( 3) The scalar content restraint is inevitable under the standard, the most earth cutting equipment noise pollution to the situation. ( 4) Is doing on the premise of guaranteeing the bearing cryogenic engineering starting and running of spirituality, NSK bearings common problems. Guaranteeing the output power is minimal. Tear open come down to the NSK bearings cleaning, rough washing and fine washing, respectively in the container, put a metal mesh bottom first, don't direct contact with dirt from the container. Coarse when cleaning, if to spin bearing with dirt, can damage the bearing rolling surface, should be pay attention to. In coarse clean oil, use brush clean up to smooth grease, adhesive, after clean, roughly into fine cleaning).
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