NTN thrust ball bearing application environments of different knowledge - bearing lubrication and maintenance methods on a regular basis

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
NTN bearing lubrication is the best in the equipment downtime and implementation of the plan and added on a regular basis, at the same time, the old rid grease or via the drain the old oil out empty. Before adding fresh grease injection nozzle should be wiped clean. If thrust ball bearing bearing box without injection nozzle, should open the bearing box cover or end cover, in order to remove the old grease, clean up, supplement the same model of fresh grease. In order to guarantee the normal operation of NTN bearing, we need to check the oil level of lubricating oil and the oil, in general, a normal oil level equipment oil level Windows or mark a third - Two-thirds of the range. Oil compensating way for oil cup, the display of the oil level represents oil compensating ability, and the bearing box oil level is to meet operation requirements, oil cup CPC a lower than a quarter of its total volume filling oil may be considered. 1, low temperature high-speed bearing grease at present, the use of thrust ball bearing equipment has become increasingly sophisticated, prompting bearing grease used must have the following properties: ( 1) Have the same operation and bearing life, try to prolong the maintenance cycle, shorten downtime, improve labor productivity. ( 2) Under the high speed of dn> 5 x 105 to ensure that the motor temperature rise is low, not dump oil, thus reducing power consumption and protect the motor. ( 3) The impurity content control under certain criteria, the earth can reduce noise pollution to the environment. ( 4) In turn guarantees bearing under working conditions starting and operation flexibility, guarantee the output power is minimal. 2, general low noise motor bearing grease in NTN bearing industry, this kind of grease are the biggest, accounts for about 70% of the total in fat mass. Because this kind of grease to choose soft, easy to filter the fibres lithium soap thickeners, the use of mineral oil as base oil, it is easy to meet the requirements of low-standard thrust ball bearings to reduce vibration value. Another advantage is good pumping, whether mechanical fatliquoring, or manual besmear fat, is easy. 3, high temperature and long life and low noise bearing grease under the environment of high temperature and high speed using grease should have the following features: ( 1) Don't loss at high temperatures, namely consistency is constant at about 180 ℃ temperature, not soften. ( 2) Oil spill is less. When the grease in the bearing under high frequency repeated shear function, and a lot of centrifugal force lubrication timely back into the race is not thrown out. ( 3) Have a mute effect, due to the high temperature grease fiber general hardness is larger, so the thrust ball bearing noise test of mute performance than a lithium base grease. ( 4) This type of grease to the service life of high temperature to a certain extent, has good oxidation resistance at high temperature, so as to prolong the life of NTN bearings and related equipment. Use of the lubrication system of oil bath type, if the oil temperature 60 ℃ ( 140°F) The following, and no pollution of lubricating oil, the replacement of a lubricating oil a year. If the oil temperature at 60 100℃( 140 - 210°F) Need to change four times a year, the lubricating oil. If the oil temperature at 100 - 120℃( 210 - 250°F) , you need to be replaced every month lubricating oil. If the oil temperature at 120 ℃ ( 250°F) Above, the need to replace a weekly lubricating oil. The correct installation and maintenance is an important factor for normal operation of NTN bearing, at the same time, must pay attention to maintain the purity of the thrust ball bearing. Bearings must prevent polluted by contaminants and moisture, must have a correct installation and lubrication. In addition, the design of the bearing arrangement, the condition of the oil seal, the form of a lubricant and change cycle and special maintenance also play an important role, must be attention.
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