NTN self-aligning ball bearing lubrication maintenance detection pay attention points - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
According to different purposes, it is a necessary choice for precision, clearance, and keep the frame structure, meet the requirements of the lubricating grease, special design of the bearing. However, choosing NTN bearing no certain order, rules, priority should be given self-aligning ball bearing the required conditions, performance, and related matters, especially the practical. As long as as much as possible in order to keep intact the original performance of bearing, to maintain, maintenance, in the first place, to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation, improve productivity and economy. Corresponding mechanical operation and maintenance standards, on a regular basis, the best conditions. Including monitoring running state, supplement or replace the lubricant, regular check cleared. As the problem of maintenance operation, have bearing rotation, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition, and so on bearing maintenance and judgment: to determine whether to remove the bearing can be used to check the bearing after cleaning. Check the raceway, raceway, surface state, cage wear, NTN bearing clearance and to increase the dimension precision, has not damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearings, inner ring, with one hand support level, rotate the outer ring to confirm smoothly. Self-aligning ball bearing separation type bearing, rolling your body, the outer ring raceway surface inspection. Large bearings, because they can't rotate with the hand, pay attention to check the raceway of roller and cage, metope, such as the appearance, the higher the importance of bearing, check more carefully. Here to share with you many years of experience, in the local NTN bearing detection. Bearing on the environment for the first time inspection should be in the light environment, it is the best astigmatism, in order to better bearing, was observed on the surface appearance and no crack and other anomalies. Such as cloud of mechanical wear and scratches, touch pressure in the process of bearing equipment can lead to shift, and result in poor equipment location, lead to the shape of the self-aligning ball bearing flat load and stress concentration, reduce precision and service life. Never mix the fat off from the incompatible, if two incompatible oil mixture, usually will soften its consistency, might end up NTN bearing damage caused by oil easy to loss. If you don't know what kind of grease bearing used is, you must first thoroughly remove bearing inside and outside the old grease, can add new grease. Mainly according to the temperature and the working conditions to distinguish: grease can be classified according to their allowable working temperature, lubrication grease consistency and ability is affected by temperature, operating under a certain temperature self-aligning ball bearing must choose under the same temperature has the correct consistency and good lubrication effect of oils and fats. Oil is made of different working temperature range, can be roughly divided into low, medium temperature and high temperature with grease. At the same time, there is a certain type of oils and fats known as resistance to squeeze or extrusion and add molybdenum disulfide, at the same time, among them with additives to enhance the strength of the lubricating oil film. If the wrong choice grease all preventive measures of self-aligning ball bearing is useless, choose a grease, its oil viscosity in working temperature is it is important to be able to provide adequate lubrication effect, viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, it with the temperature rising and falling, is that it increased when the temperature decreases. Therefore, you must know when working temperature of the oil viscosity. Machinery manufacturers are usually specified use some grease, however most of the standard grease applicable range is very wide. In addition to pay special attention to the work environment or the pollutants in the water, which is most likely to lead to rust self-aligning ball bearing, the rust is caused bad NTN bearing installation, early wear and tear, will lead to more serious waste is a direct relationship. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to in water to moisten of course.
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