NSK bearings using noise processing method, the bearing's knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
In the process of bearing device is the secondary reason is: the emergence of scars that NSK bearings are equipment, assembly, outer ring and inner ring skew; Or it is in the process of the device and assembly of emerging from the front load, eventually forming bearing scars that are emerging. Stop was device bearing do you want to work in accordance with the specification, to do not form many achievements, such as device or method not when, in the form of NSK bearings will form the raceway surface and bone surface formation bearing linear scars that are emerging. Deep groove ball bearing device for indirect reaction with the precision of the bearing when using, stature and functions. Although the bearing quality and so on various aspects are good, but the rolling bearing is precision components, its use should be measured accordingly. No matter how high performance bearing use, if use undeserved, will not get the desired performance. About the matters needing attention of NSK bearings use the following article: ( 1) And keep the bearing and the surrounding clean. Even the eyes can't see the little dust, also can bring bad influence to NSK bearing. So, keep the surrounding clean, dust from invading bearing. ( 2) , carefully use. In use for bearing strong impact, will produce scar and creasing, become the cause of the accident. Severe cases, can crack, fracture, so must pay attention to. ( 3) And use the appropriate operating tools. Avoid to existing tools to replace, must use the appropriate tools. ( 4) And to pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing. NSK bearings operating, hand sweat will become the cause of rust. Pay attention to the operation with clean hands, it is better to try to bring gloves. NSK bearings in general, to control the noise of the impact, it must take countermeasures in view of the source of the noise, and to receive the cure effect. The main way is: ( 1) Choose low noise cylindrical roller bearings; ( 2) Sensitive to avoid resonance with the host, to avoid the resonance speed; ( 3) Try to eliminate noise from the cylindrical roller bearing application link; ( 4) In the other method is invalid, sound insulation and noise elimination of additional measures. When the temperature rise of NSK bearings, first of all determine whether false action, such as do rise, should do the following processing: check the cooling water pressure, water flow and pipeline system is normal. If water is likely to be lower filter blockage, cannot be handled in a timely manner, to stop treatment, when confirm can work, then put into use. Should be to check if the governor oil pressure, oil pressure is low can lead to cooling water hydraulic valve closed. Check whether NSK bearings have different sounds, and detection of cylindrical roller bearing place whether there is abnormal. Take oil whether there is a change of color, sample observation and test to see whether metamorphism. If confirm the degradation new oil should be replaced downtime. Check the oil standard oil level is normal, if abnormal, check that the sump oil discharge valve is shut. If the matter, should fill oil, if is the sealant mat permeability oil, should stop processing.
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