Needle roller bearing in operation in the sudden fever how should do

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Needle roller bearing in the operation of the phenomenon of fever should be how to deal with needle roller bearing in the process of operation will attack violent conflict, scars or indentation, will happen serious situation may have crack, crack, therefore should be more careful. Needle roller bearing will stick to our presentation can't see the little dust, we should stick to clean the bearing. In the operation of needle roller bearing to avoid injury in the sweat will get into the bearing, so should pay attention to whether there is rust. Cause of fever and low solution precision bearing ( Choose custom precision grades of bearing) Spindle winding or casing hole is different ( Fixed spindle or box) The belt too tight, Proper tightness of the belt can be adjusted properly) Bad lubrication ( Selection rules of the lubrication of the bearing and the appropriate cleaning) Installation quality is low, Progress installation quality)
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