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by:Waxing     2020-06-01
As an important parts of automobile wheel hub bearing, bearing is a bearing weight and provide accurate guide to the rotation of the wheel hub, the calendar life maintenance is very important, in general, we went to the repair shop for maintenance, or at least spend more than 200 to just go. China bearing network according to the understanding of the wheel hub bearing, to provide you a full disassembly maintenance steps wheel hub bearing, can let everybody left hundreds of, hope to help you also. Online sharing hub bearing disassembly and maintenance steps most removable bearing remove the similar way, and to learn the following steps, basic can deal with most of the removable bearing maintenance on market operation. 1, 2, remove the tire, open the dust cover the removal of dust cover to avoid to use brute force, it is prohibited to use hammer percussion, once the dust cover deformation or damaged, will lead to driving bearing into the water. 3, remove the connecting flange screw 4, remove circlip 5, remove bearing baffles fixed screw 6, remove the bearing baffle 7, remove wheel shaft assembly from the picture above you can see, when bearing removal, we can see on the shaft of yellow solid, it is impurity bearing water lead to rust. Remove the bearing, we can see, the grease inside the gone bad. And have more severe corrosion phenomenon. This shows that the bearing has been extended, maintenance postponed. If this situation continues to drive again, will result in bearing wear and tear, there would be no maintenance value. 8, oil seal replacement maintenance before we prepare the corresponding bearing oil seal, because at the time of removal of the bearing is to remove the oil seal. The oil seal once remove will not be able to continue to use. 9 bearings, bearings cleaning is removed, we see the ball above to see if there is serious wear and tear, if you have no necessary to maintain the serious wear and tear, can only replace the solution. If there is no serious wear and tear, we use gasoline will remove grease stained the surface. 10, daub grease grease will be prepared, smear evenly on the surface of bearing, and squash with the hand to the inside of the bearing. 11, bearing the maintainable bearing installation, the installation is relatively simple, without any auxiliary press, directly on the bearing seat. 12, bearing oil seal oil seal installation should take care all the more, try to use a dedicated oil seal installer, if not. We try to use the same as the oil seal of the diameter of the metal buckle bowl, uniform tap into oil seal mounting holes. Learn to wheel hub bearing, disassembly and maintenance steps allow you to save hundreds of. Wheel hub bearing maintenance cycle 1, according to the bearing clearance we regularly check the wheel hub bearing clearance, if the 2 - 30000 kilometers you find tire radial or axial clearance, means your bearing wear consumption, need maintenance. 2, according to the mileage in general, the maintainable bearing, disassembly cleaning preview service per 30000 km.
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