Hydraulic external gear pump can use how long? What factors influence? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Small make up know, external gear pump in the hydraulic system of the design life is 5000 h, but generally not meet this requirement, so what is what factors influence the service life of gear pump? Big blue hydraulic factory will take you to find out today! A, bearing the design and selection of gear pump design should consider its life. Gear pump useless in most cases because of bearing damage caused by. Is the ideal material for the bearing type SF, composite material, it is based on steel matrix, sintered copper network layer, with plastic ( Fill four fluorine hexene, modified polyformaldehyde) As the friction surface lubrication material. Second, the side clearance leakage within the hydraulic system in use for the gear pump increased, decreased volume efficiency, pressure drop and the scrap. Gear end leakage by 75% ~ 80% of total leakage. Therefore, the reasonable side clearance is very important. Gear pump (3) process reasons in order to ensure the reasonable gap between before and after the gear end cover, processing and assembling of the gear pump is very important. Two end face gear and the shaft hole conductor perpendicularity error must not exceed 0. 01 mm and installed on the shaft, the axial should be in a floating state. In order to ensure the two axis after the assembly, mutual position, when two bearing hole before and after processing, center distance error should not exceed 0. 03mm。 In addition, the input shaft end fracture is common phenomenon. Therefore must shaft heat treatment process, make its have a certain strength and hardness, but also has higher impact toughness, preventing the fracture. Four, choosing proper materials and components in order to ensure the gear pump has reasonable clearance and cooperation in running, the wear resistance is an important performance index of the related materials. Choose a reasonable material and proper heat treatment process is very important. Oil seal oil is also a common cause of scrap material should be chosen so good oil seal, at the same time pay attention to during the processing and assembling with the oil seal and the sleeve is strong. Gear pump five installed, use the correct and rational use of gear pump, to extend the service life of hydraulic gear pump system is also very important. Gear pump input shaft connected to the motor shaft, the alignment error must not exceed 0. 01mm。 Remember that cannot be used with the connection. In addition should be according to choose the appropriate hydraulic oil pump operation instruction, and at the entrance to pump add filter, filter periodically according to the hydraulic system working environment, change of hydraulic oil. Through the introduction of the big blue hydraulic factory, I think we all know, the main factors affecting the service life of gear pump is diverse, and at the end of the day, in addition to affected by the manufacturer manufacturing process, the correct installation and rational use of the gear pump is very important.
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