HP7- S hydrogen compressor bearings wearing repair of knowledge of new technology - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
With the development of technology, liquid ring compressor design also appeared some innovations, some of the liquid ring compressor by plane on inlet design improvement for the cone type, thus greatly improving the compressor suction ability, reduce the energy consumption. Compared with the plane type compressor inlet structure, the cone type compressor also has large change in appearance. Flat upper upper normally only used the compressor air intake, exhaust structure; And the cone type compressor can use side or the upper air inlet, lower exhaust structure. Hydrogen compressor in the process of running, the shaft ends need to adopt mechanical seal to prevent fluid leakage in the equipment, because the service life of bearing problems or mechanical seal static ring with factors such as, easy to cause the bearing in the process of running stuck or loose, relative motion thus generated between the rotor shaft and rotor shaft wear problem. For equipment damage analysis: ( 1) Normal metal fatigue wear: due to the equipment in a state of high temperature and high load work for a long time, the fatigue properties of metal itself in a certain period will appear, led to the matching of the bearing and the shaft surface gap, at this point if you can't find in time will lead to fit clearance appeared in the process of operation. Bearing and shaft surface relative motion, within a short period of time can cause of serious wear and tear; ( 2) Maintenance means lack: bearing under working state if the lubrication and cooling does not reach the designated position, easy to cause the bearing itself run increase friction, temperature, appear even the phenomenon of ablation, torque will effect to the fitting surface of bearing and shaft makes the surface appear wear, leading to cooperate clearance, led to increasing shaft wear and tear. Sauvy industrial hydrogen compressor bearings wearing the process at the site of sauvy industry according to the circumstances of the equipment of the enterprise with the first detailed analysis and formulate corresponding repair plan, first ensure accuracy of repair, including the surface roughness and concentricity requirements after the repair, according to the running environment of equipment at the same time corresponding choice carbon nano polymer material, meet the demand of long running under the environment of working conditions on site. On-site repair steps are as follows: does field measurement based on the actual size and processing the corresponding repair tooling; Surface oil removal treatment does; Does surface roughening treatment; Does harmonic and daub carbon nano polymer materials, used to repair tooling to restore the wear of the bearing size; Does material curing: heating curing 2 hours, to ensure material solidified completely; Does remove after repair the tooling to remove out excess materials and micrometer size detection accuracy; Does check repair surface, then daub secondary carbon nano polymer materials and hot charging bearing complete repair. The pictures at the site HP7 - at the site S cone type liquid ring hydrogen compressor main shaft bearing wear:
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