How to test and measure the SKF bearing and the commonly used maintenance method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
The preparing work before a, SKF bearing installation 1) Bearing and packing preparation due to bearing antirust treatment, and thus less than don't open the packing before installation. Next inspection shaft and shell size, shape and the processing quality can fit the drawing. 2) Shaft and bearing shell of inspection machine before, in the inspection of the shaft and the shell of the mating surface coating machine oil. In addition, the smooth coating of rust-proof oil has good performance on bearing, bearing on normal use or smooth filling grease bearings, can be directly used without washing. But the instrument bearing or bearing for high-speed rotation, the application of clean cleaning oil washed away anti-rust oil, when the bearing is easy to rust, not for a long time. Clean the bearing and the shell, confirm no scar or mechanical processing of burr. Shell has absolutely can not have abrasives ( SiC and Al2O3, etc. ) Sand, scraps, etc. Second, how to SKF bearing device in most cases we find its possible causes, generally speaking, a third of the bearing damage resulting from the fatigue damage, a third of the other resulting from smooth, a third of the other resulting from improper disposal of pollutants enter the SKF bearing or device. To ease the bearings SKF bearing damage device must pay attention to the points: 1, to seriously when using device accurate device, and other devices bearing request, does not allow powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, and is not allowed after transfer roller pressure 2, as the saying goes, knead no sand in the eyes, the same bearing and the surrounding environment also stick to clean. Need not I said, you know what is going on, even invisible to the naked eye of dust into the bearings, also can make the bearing wear. 3, using the appropriate, accurate installation tools as far as possible use of special tools, trying to prevent the use of cloth and short fiber, things like that. 4, with the hand take bearing, and wash hands sweat, and then coated with high quality mineral oil and then stop the operation, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay more attention to rust. We all know that SKF bearing belongs to the fine parts, when using the request have fairly cautious attitude, the change is to use high performance bearing, if use undeserved, can not reach the expected effect of performance, and easy to make the bearing damage. Most SKF bearing smoke bad reason many - — Than previously estimated load, the effective sealing, brought on by tight with a small bearing clearance, etc. Any elements of these elements is its special damage type and damage to leave special traces. Third, usually several 1 variety of SKF bearing maintenance. Regular maintenance: in order to guarantee the normal work of the host, according to the request of the host and the design of bearing theory and experience, set up a maintenance cycle and maintenance on a regular basis. 2. Fault maintenance: at the onset of bearing fault, inspection and maintenance downtime. 3. Maintenance: USES the advanced bearing fault diagnosis technology, the use status of bearing stop real-time monitoring, before the onset of bearing fault forecast is put forward, stop the maintenance. Bearing in the process of operation, there must be sound, the phenomenon such as temperature and vibration. Stop maintenance care about the operation of the bearing, therefore, can be after hear, touch, and using the bearing fault diagnosis instrument to find bearing abnormal changes, according to the change of state to the normal work of the discriminant SKF bearing can.
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