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How to explain the service life of the bearing to customers in the process of sales and the factors affecting the service life of bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
As a supplier to meet the pit dad thing is to explain to the customer the service life of the bearing, you have to let the customer know, is not the same as, shaft hole can literally swap as ah. 。 。 If there's a new project, want to use the existing bearing, to make a phone call to the bearing suppliers, bearing the supplier confirmed before use. 。 。 This thing have to brainwash customers, success is customer's not encounter anything you call, such ability won't be a big problem, but your phone was ringing off the hook. 。 。 On bearing life, the key is in haven't failure when to speak and look for customer engineering, quality, SQE, don't look for procurement, procurement don't care why you failed. 。 。 Best when customers choose your bearings, do a training with him in the past, says understand bearing common problems, such as installation, maintenance, for example, such as lubrication way, the most important, is to let customers know that you call if you have any questions. 。 。 In addition, when it comes to scientific explanation, I personally think bearing it is difficult to use simple theory. I do training to customers, continuously for customers to instill a bearing is not a parts, is a system. The so-called system, bearing supplier to design is to check. Even with a standard bearing, also need to check. If the customer can accept this point of view, it would be nice to do a lot. But the side effects is customer will call you. Haha ~ add again, actually the customer many times like let you said can't use, can't rambled a lot of satisfaction. This time you want to have confidence in their own calculation. Such as customer requests life 3000 hours, you calculate is 3500 hours, this time don can use, can say with customer risk is higher, recommend another, give the calculation of another report to him. 。 Generally speaking, customers can also understand the calculation and the actual is biased. If life is 3000, you calculate 10000, that's OK ~ remember to take a look at the edge stress, too much waste. 。 。 Another said several main factors to affect the service life of the bearings under for bearing, mainly has the following several: 1. With the shaft and hole 2. 3 work temperature. The purity of the working environment 4. Force ( Is often said that the load spectrum) 5. Lubrication situation of each item on this slight difference will be the influence of the 'big' the actual service life of bearing, please note that is very big. Can, for example, for the purity of the work environment, according to the seriousness of the pollution, can put the L10 life by a coefficient, the coefficient of 0. 1 to 20, the specific values to be decided according to the experience, in other words, the values of different people may vary widely.
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