High temperature and high speed on the vortex compressor bearing grease - bearing of the application of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
The main components in the scroll compressor is two same shape but 180 ° phase Angle position relative stagger involute scroll wrap, one is the fixed vortex disk, and the other is by the eccentric shaft drive, the axis orbit around a fixed axis vortex disk do the orbiting scroll wrap. Work in more than two orbiting scroll in tangent form sealing line, plus two vortex dish an appropriate end face seal, thus forming several crescent gas cavity. Public for containment at the point of contact between two orbiting scroll line along with the revolution of the orbiting scroll wrap scroll curve constantly shifting, make the crescent chamber shape size is changing all the time. Compressor suction mouth opening in the upper portion of the fixed vortex plate shell. When the eccentric shaft clockwise rotation, the gas from the suction mouth into the suction chamber, successively been intake to peripheral crescent-shaped chamber and suction cavity are interlinked. As these peripheral crescent gas cavity closed and is no longer with suction cavity, its closed volume is gradually transferred to the center of the fixed vortex disk and shrinking, gas have been compressed and pressure. Since 1983, Hitachi invention created the world's first vortex type air conditioning compressor, after 20 years of Hitachi in scroll compressor technology research and development on cobest, constantly breakthrough, with its professional development and manufacturing experience, make its technology is more advanced, higher quality and better reliability. Along with the advance of science and technology, however, vortex compressor lubrication of bearings to more and more is also high. In order to continuously meet the needs of the market, more than Mr Slave lubricant developed grease, Pseinu ( Than Mr Slave) B。 油脂, 303 / EP - L vortex compressor bearing high temperature and high speed by fully synthetic mixed grease base oil, used special polymer as the viscosifier, and add the patent of polymer materials, as well as corrosion inhibitor and abrasion resistance, and other additives, refined but become, the product can form a on the lubrication coagulation, the reversible nanometer lubricating layer can can ensure the benign operation of lubrication for a long period of time. 1. Can repair the surface of the micro lubrication, reducing vibration, reducing friction noise; 2. Can ensure the lubrication parts work effectively under the super load and impact load; 3. Has a strong adsorption and permeability, are not afraid of ash sand washing; 4. Good colloidal stability and acid gas medium resistance; 5. Strong physical and chemical stability, can extend the grease filling, fatliquoring cycle 5 times. High temperature working high speed angular contact and deep groove ball bearings, such as: high speed motor bearing, high-speed, high-speed railway traction motor axle box bearings, scroll compressor of air conditioner series bearings ( NU, angular contact bearings, needle roller bearings) , aviation, scientific research and equipment.
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