Bearing wearing online fast repair technology of one of the big revelation - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing a wear online repair process according to different working environment and equipment problems in several kinds of solutions, here in detail for everybody USES the model of 'process of the method in detail, hope to be able to solve the mystery in your heart! Or in the object is a case for example. A 4400 paper machine production line, dryer 19 operating side shaft head wear, bearing axial runout, often bearing inner ring rupture is caused inside short time, to the enterprise have serious impact on normal continuous production. Drying cylinder diameter: 1800 mm, the speed: 400 m/min; Shaft head diameter: 220 mm, 1:12 cone; Bearing model: 23144 cak/C3W33. Dryer on the operation side of the shaft head bearing wear problem, can use the current effective solution: 1, shaft head at the end of the integral replacement parts; 2, the in-situ repair process for shaft head wear parts repair. Enterprise equipment management personnel according to the site operation space, can afford downtime and overall change produced by the high cost and so on comprehensive consideration, finally confirmed the sauvy technology for field repair. Ok, get into the business, below the sauvy technology is how to carry out online repair it? Sauvy engineer site only takes 10 hours to finish the bearing repair work, let's take a look at how they do it. To have a look at sample first foot to repair the principle of bearing a schematic picture. A, 4400 enterprises at the scene of the paper machine production line; B, remove the bearing show wear parts, with the hand chain hoist cylinder, so the wear parts repair have a certain operation space; C, empty bearing test and confirm the specific wear amount of spindle nose, confirm the repair plan; D, roasted with acetylene flame treatment of repair parts for oil processing, remove all grease and impurities, until no sparks surface drying; E, with polished section to repair parts for grinding processing, especially the local pit or trench, ensure the rough surface after processing without dust; F, blunt with sample knock localized pitting operations, according to the positioning base to ensure the bearing after assembling the pre-tightening force of enough; G, tempered and daub sauvy SD7104 carbon nano polymer material, make full contact with the metal material, process to avoid porosity; Coated sauvy SD7104 material H, after heat curing after molding, the surface smoothness and finish of inspection repair whether meet the use requirements, check materials compactness; I, install the assembly process of bearing assembly work, the installation process to ensure that the bearing clearance reaches normal operation of the technical requirements.
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