Bearing common faults and its countermeasures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Rolling bearing, if used correctly choose no error, can be used for a long time; In the right choice, used correctly, damage status to stripping. On the other hand, there are unexpected injury early yield to the early damage of use; As the reasons of early damage, not enough to use the consideration on the lubrication, foreign invasion, thus bearing installation error and axis deflection of large, on the shaft and bearing box, the accuracy of materials research, etc. The overlap between these reasons, as it were, see more. Rolling bearing fault phenomenon generally show the two kinds, one is the bearing installation site temperature is too high, the second is the bearing running noise. 1, the bearing temperature is too high, when the host is running the installation of bearing parts allowed to have a certain temperature, when the hands touch the host shell, should not feel hot as normal, conversely indicates that bearing temperature is too high. Bearing temperature reasons: lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; Host assembly too tight, Inadequate clearance) : bearing assembly too tight; Bearing race on or inside the shell on the axle load is too large; Bearing cage or rolling body fracture, etc. 2, bearing noise rolling bearing in the work to allow a slight sound operation, if you have any abnormal noise or excessive noise or sound hitched ring, suggests that the bearing failure. Cause noise of rolling bearings is more complex, one is to form a complete set of bearing inner and outer surface wear. And this kind of wear and tear, damage the bearing and shell, bearing and shaft supporting relationship, lead to axis deviation from the correct position, bearing load are running to produce sound. When the bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake; Also can produce sound make bearing radial clearance increases. In addition, the bearing lubrication, forms the dry friction, and bearing broken etc all make abnormal noise. Bearing wear loose after kuang, maintains a looseness damage, also can produce sound. In addition to the failure of methods ( 1) Change when bearing, have to be carefully check on the new bearing, and the diameter of axle and bearing hole and the rotor of a detailed inspection; ( 2) Assembly and disassembly bearings, strictly implement repair technology, serious operation, avoid bearing damage caused by improper installation; ( 3) Fuel oil change in time, ensure the bearing working condition is always in good condition; ( 4) In the operation of the serious check, found the problems, timely eliminate.
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