Vacuum pump bearing wear field new technology of cold welding repair you know? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Vacuum pump bearing wear data analysis: drive side bearing severe wear, the wear is caused by the axial lock nut loose fall off bearing axial channeling move will cause bearing a wear and tear. Form of runtime in a short period of time, the temperature rise sharply with sound. Bearing type: 352936 X2. Shaft neck size: & Oslash; 180毫米; Bearing bit width: 95 mm; The device speed: 350 r/min; Operating temperature: 55 ° ~ 60 ° C C. Vacuum pump shaft wear surface polishing treatment sauvy technology is how to the vacuum pump at the site of bearing wear? First sauvy industrial carbon like a cold welding technology of polymer materials, in the repair process does not produce heat, very good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and in the process of repair is not restricted by axial uneven wear amount. Understand this, in the process of practical application of repair process there is a wide variety, this needs to be on the basis of the specific equipment types and to determine the operation characteristics and working condition, all the on-site repair process is in the greatest degree of guarantee under the premise of shaft alignment. Daub sauvy SD7101H material the for vacuum pump drive side bearing wear and tear of the repair process is adopted sauvy industrial equipment repair process, determine if the process is through the preliminary communication with customers, after confirm the equipment operation parameters is proposed after a comprehensive analysis. Tooling drawings and machining precision of surveying and mapping is the key to ensure repair factor, and the equipment running status and use of the late effect of guarantee is by sauvy comprehensive mechanics performance of the carbon nano polymer materials, polymer materials in the process of using carbon nanotubes will not produce metal fatigue wear and tear on the premise of normal equipment maintenance, the service life of repaired even higher than the service life of the new parts. Sauvy tooling repair tooling disassembly process
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