Thrust bearing is introduced, knowledge - bearing thrust bearing structure of the system

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
A, thrust bearing ( Thrust bearing) An introduction to the axial sliding thrust bearing ( Along or parallel to the axis rotation) Sliding bearing load, it besides support rotation of the shaft, also can prevent the parts along the axial movement. Structure are: single metal and metal, bimetal thrust bearing or composite metal thrust bearings. Second, the thrust bearing type, there are three main types are: thimble vertical thrust bearing, thrust bearing, Transverse sliding bearing) And hydrostatic bearing. 1) Thimble thrust bearing thrust bearing sleeve ring shaft ring and shaft made of an organic whole, can also be made separately and tight on the shaft. Push generally can be divided into two kinds: low ring: it can be subject to both the axial load. Second-ranking polycyclic: it can be subject to both high speed and heavy load of axial thrust, the bearing should be used with automatic lubrication device. Figure 1 set of thrust bearing ring (2) Vertical thrust bearing ( Transverse sliding bearing) Vertical thrust bearing is usually mounted on the shaft end, used to support the vertical axis, the following figure a. As to facilitate correction and convenient replacement of wear parts, bearing are often placed in the bottom of the shaft end several flat or spherical shape gasket, b as shown. Figure 2 vertical thrust bearing (3) Hydrostatic bearing hydrostatic bearing is the use of hydraulic pump oil injection pressure bearing and shaft collar, film forming and reduce friction, and in the shaft end to produce a static pressure against the axial load. If instead of air as a lubricant into the bearing and the shaft collar, says air bearing. Figure 3 air bearing, thrust bearing thrust bearing structure of the system structure is mainly composed of bearing and thrust journal. Depending on the structure of thrust bearing, mainly divided into two categories: one is fixed thrust bearing, the other is a tilting sector thrust bearing. 1) Fixed type thrust bearings fixed thrust bearing inside there are four common: solid, hollow, monocyclic and ring. Figure 4. Note: the machine adopts hollow type, more than ring, it can be subject to bi-directional load. Support in the form of (1) solid surface uneven distribution of pressure and center the pressure maximum, linear velocity is 0, the lubrication is very bad, result in uneven bearing surface wear, use less. (2) hollow type: support surface pressure distribution is uniform, lubrication conditions improve. (3) single collar: the collar end thrust, simple structure, convenient lubrication, is widely used in low speed and light load. (4) more than ring type: the characteristic with simple ring type, can withstand the monocyclic larger load, may also be subject to bi-directional load. Because of load distribution among each ring, its carrying capacity per unit area than single collar low 50%. 2) Tilting sector thrust bearing in the section of shaft, the shaft shoulder or installation disc thrust surface, on the thrust ring, have several wedge Angle of the fan. The number is usually 6 - 12 piece of sector, bearing on the spherical or cylindrical, fan for the steel back, sliding surface by the bearing shell material. Figure 5 tilting tile thrust bearing diagram 4, thrust bearing products and use thrust bearing, is the basis of general machinery parts, large dosage, wide range in all kinds of rotating machinery, its dosage is hundred million units of measurement. Typical products are: 1) Standard or non-standard standard single, double copper alloy anti-friction layer of thrust bearing ring, the whole circle, half ring, ring, etc. ; 2) Forging press industry, heavy and mining machine, high power diesel engine with large diameter thrust bearing rings, diameter is 450 mm; 3) Super thick backing parts have low medium pressure oil pump gear shaft floating bearing sleeve; 4) Concave and convex semicircle, special-shaped parts are: diesel engine of the thrust bearing pads, automobile air conditioning compressor rotating sliding boots, medium and high pressure in the oval gear pump side board, figure 8 floating side board, etc.
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