The fan bearing wear ways and steps to fix - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Fan in the running process of bearing parts of high precision operation, at the same time, the impeller dynamic balance calibration is very critical. Due to the using conditions, long running process, the bearing lubrication system once the failure will lead to serious fan events affect production. Enterprise production line after a period of high temperature centrifugal fan support lag side bearing inner ring and shaft sintering together, causing serious wear of bearing a. Fan bearing wear repair steps: 1, the site to view specific wear situation, burning on the shaft bearing inner ring is still not fully resection clean, rear axle shoulder size measured with micrometer smooth surface can be used as locating datum. 2, first of all, the journal clean enough to burn on the shaft bearing inner ring is clean. Using acetylene flame journal with polishing machine grinding shaft neck after baking oil, empty try repair tooling. 3, in strict accordance with the proportion of mixed sauvy SD7101H material, and surface coating to the bearing wear. 4, clamp tooling and heating with iodine tungsten lamp, accelerate the curing speed. 5, remove the tooling after the inside there is a missing enriching, remove after discharge groove excess materials measurement after repair of shaft neck size & # 216; 120 and 0. 1 mm or so, use sand paper to grind the journal after cleaning in anhydrous ethanol. 6, heating oil bearing, secondary harmonic SD7101H material in repairing material apply a layer of thin at the same time for the first time without infill hole to fill. 7, bearing heated to 120 ° C, circle after demoulding agent directly to assembly. 8, bearing assembly in place, the enterprise debugging completely meet the use requirements. Note: repair the tooling order need in strict accordance with the measured data of sauvy technical engineers standard customization. Fan bearing wear three repair plan: 1. The depth of the brush plating, as a result of wear and tear has up to 3 mm, beyond the scope of brush plating to repair, so do not apply. 2. The high price of laser cladding technology, equipment, and the disadvantage of cladding is the strength of the plating layer is lower than the strength of the metal, and the fan using the environment temperature over 80 ℃, the method is not applicable. 3. Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials, the material is a kind of high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance and can be machined metal repair after curing, protection composite material, this material has a good bonding power and mechanical performance, after curing not only its own strength and hardness as metal, also have rolled back, can absorb the impact of vibration equipment, can meet the equipment in operation under various complex requirements.
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