The fan bearing, how much do you know? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Fan bearing application is very wide, we are also the role of bearing of the fan is very clear, but some of the problems in use fan, also hard to avoid can meet some issues we feel innocuous, but there are some problems, but will affect the use effect of the fan, and even the service life of the fan, especially the use of fan bearing problem is more prominent in these problems. So we small make up on how to choose the right and maintain the fan bearing detailed introduce for everybody. The choice of the fan bearing and maintenance skills 1, inexperienced users, through professional personnel to help choose, for maintenance of the fan. 2, 'every 15 minutes to check in 1 hour time, 6 hours to check every hour'. 3, for the choice of bearing and given full attention to maintenance. 吗? 吗? Common fault analysis 1, bearing box fan bearing vibration A: fan shaft and motor shaft does not parallel, dislocation; B: casing friction or air inlet and the impeller; C: not enough stiffness or weak; D: loose impeller rivets or wheel deformation; E: the impeller shaft disk shaft and loose; F: the connecting bolt is loose; G: pipe installation bad; H: rotor unbalance. 吗? 吗? 2, bearing temperature rise too high A: severe vibration of the bearing box; B: lubricating oil quality bad; C: the connecting bolt too much or too little; D: before and after the two bearing different heart; E: rolling bearing damage. 吗? 吗? 3, current is too large and too high A temperature, or throttle valve is not locked inside; B: traffic over specified value or duct leakage; C: the gas density is too large; D: the motor input voltage is too low or power single-phase power; E: the influence of bearing box violent vibration; F: fan performance deterioration or failure.
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