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The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic bearing have? Compared with metal bearing which good? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
In life we can not do without some mechanical equipment, because it is also a part of our lives. Bearing is a kind of important components, the basis of mechanical machine and so on, however, the bearing is also has a lot of material, different material is suitable for the machinery and equipment, there will be differences of ceramic bearing perhaps everyone don't understand, so what is the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic bearing? Presumably with the metal bearing, ceramic bearing or metal bearing good? To explain for everybody below. The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic bearing ceramic bearing: ceramic bearing atomic structure, inherent covalent bond, not of metal. This means that they share electrons, the atom has a strong adsorption capacity, due to this reason, the ceramic bearing provides some good performance than metal bearings. They usually have high hardness, elastic, and lighter. This means that the shape change, load application with improve the wear resistance properties. Ceramic bearing running free of lubrication. This is because the ceramic material is not micro welding. Micro welding occurs, usually with metal, when the rolling element and raceway surface defects caused arc interaction with another. This reduces surface and greatly reduce the service life of bearing. Ceramic materials do not have such problem, which makes them suitable for various applications requires an environment free of lubricating oil. They usually this means that at high temperatures is less thermal expansion in a stable way. It requires a lot more energy, in order to add a covalent bond length, compared to metal ionic bonding. Ceramic is non-metallic, non-ferrous materials. When exposed to water and other harmful chemicals are not in the same way as the metal corrosion. Their high corrosion resistance to allow them in wet and chemical corrosion environment, the outstanding performance. Many engineering ceramics also has low density, resulting in bearing & # 39 working speed, this is improved due to the low centripetal force and reduce friction. Due to the lack in most ceramic free electrons, they are magnetic and good insulators. The ceramic bearing, when people may notice that the first thing is, they're basically the more expensive than metal. There are many reasons. With high-grade raw material sintering process in order to achieve the required temperature required a lot of energy on high energy and processing cost. Because ceramic is so hard, processing and manufacturing precision bearing grinding cost increase rapidly. All this must be in a clean environment has the skilled labor to complete. Ceramic is incredibly sensitive in their pore impurities, so any contaminants may lead to premature failure. With the increase of size, the price also increased the index, because of the high cost, the requirement of processing methods. These include, in order to overcome the temperature gradients in the green, even the amount of pressure is large volume and cost of the machine needs slow sintering process. Ceramic bearing has lower than the carrying capacity of metal and is sensitive to thermal shock. Thermal shock is when the temperature gradient inside the material will lead to the expansion of the different, this can lead to internal stress. This pressure can exceed the material form the strength of the crack. Ceramic is also more difficult to achieve high quality surface finish. It can grind them into 0 radium. 1 surface finish, which allows a P5 precision grade. However, due to the recent technical progress, precision ceramic bearing higher class is now to carter. Overall, nine are the advantages and disadvantages of network hardware encoding think ceramic bearing can be summarized the following points: ceramic bearing advantages: can be used for high temperature, insulation, corrosion resistance, no lubrication. Ceramic bearing faults: processing difficulty and high cost. Ceramic bearing or metal bearing good? 1, all the fatigue life of ceramic bearing 10 to 50 times longer than the whole of the steel bearing one, hybrid ceramic bearing, life will be 3 - higher than all steel bearing's life About five times; Service life, ceramic bearing is much higher than the metal bearing. 2, ceramic bearing friction coefficient is low, so the ceramic bearing lubrication, under the condition of the lubricating oil is thinning or lack of, its lubricating ability is still not less than the traditional steel bearings commonly used lubricants; 3, ceramic bearing rigidity than metal bearing, ceramic materials of high elastic modulus, the rigid steel bearing 15 - larger than normal 20%. 4, compared with the metal bearing, ceramic bearing corrosion wear more. Because of its material itself is not the same, so as a direct result of corrosion and wear resistance of the ceramic bearing more excellent than the metal bearing.
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