Run bearing inner ring how to repair? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Run bearing inner ring is a kind of common says, there are many factors of production, can cover the following points: & emsp;   Bearing and shaft amount of interference fit is adapted to plant lotus size, if enough interference, will lead to the friction between bearing and shaft neck lack within laps;     Axis positioning is bad, lead to shaft in large axial channeling, cause run bearing inner ring;     Bearing axial fixed way is not reasonable, or, bearing inner ring and the shaft shoulder ( Lock nut, shaft end ring) Axial fastening;     Is likely to be short of oil, resulting in poor bearing rotation, time is long, bearing a wear and tear.     For shaft run inner ring, an emergency has a way of using the pitting, but is only emergency; Conditions allow conditions have repair welding machining, with collar micro brush plating, spraying, arc welding, laser welding, etc. , the civilization is the advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of technology to repair to do a simple analysis, for your reference.     Low hit pitting process & emsp;   Scutching point repair technology is a kind of emergency measures, after repair of the bearing inner ring and shaft fit only for contacts, so when the overload operation case, pitting susceptible to fatigue wear and repair the failure.     Low electric brush plating technology & emsp;   Its advantage is that you can realize the online repair, its shortcomings are very obvious. The brush plating coating brush plating technology is limited by the amount of wear, general electric brush plating coating to brush plating thickness less than 0. 2mm。 When wear is greater than zero. 2 mm, the brush plating efficiency drops will be multiplied, and too thick brush plating, in the process of using brush plating are easy to fall off, short service life.     Low thermal spraying technology to repair & emsp;   Thermal spraying is to point to a series of process, in the process, fine and dispersed metal or nonmetal coating material, in a molten or semi-molten state, deposit to a after the preparation of the substrate surface, forming a spray deposit. It is the use of a heat source ( Such as arc, plasma spraying or burning flame, etc. ) Powder or filaments of metal or nonmetal material heated to melt or half molten state, and then with the help of a flame itself or compressed air injection at a certain speed to the pretreatment of substrate surface, deposition and form which has the function of various surface coating of a kind of technology. Using the energy provided by the fuel gas or electric arc etc.     Biggest limitations of thermal spraying technology is unable to implement site repair, and still need to be machined after spraying, low efficiency, for large shaft head wear application limitations.     Low repair welding machining process & emsp;   Repair welding machine repair process is a traditional process to repair one of the most common way in process, its characteristic is the repair of high precision. Its shortcomings thermal stress damage to the material, which were liable to occur during operation process, broken shaft caused production downtime or accident.     L sauvy carbon nanometer polymer repair technology & emsp;   Sauvy carbon nanometer polymer repair technology belongs to a kind of 'cold' technology, implementation of off-line repair machining, can also implement site online repair, application is more flexible. The form of the technology of shaft head wear, and degree of defect without strict requirements, as long as the shaft head of the basic mechanical strength meet the use, can use this technique to repair.     Sauvy carbon nanometer polymer repair technology divided into two categories: online repair and off-line repair, including online repair for tooling and repair, scraping research repair parts namely locating repair; Off-line repairing for machine repair, namely sauvy carbon nano polymer material has excellent car, milling, planing, grinding characteristics.     Sauvy technical repair run bearing inner ring case show & emsp;   1. Repair machining process & emsp;   2. Tooling repair technology & emsp;   3. Multipoint positioning repair process
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