Long life import SKF tapered roller bearing lubrication and sealing, bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
To guarantee long life of SKF tapered roller bearing, selects the lubrication method is more reliable than with grease lubrication method, as long as the product choose appropriate, after a good filter, oil supply adequate, regular inspection and replacement in time, the point is to ensure that membrane rough than lambda into greater than 1 and 4, as close as possible to reach the goal. Grease lubrication, generally have uneven oil film and inferior phenomenon, lubrication performance is unstable than oil, and fat itself must demand the life is long, and the life of the general grease than in most cases the fatigue life of rolling taper roller bearings SKF much lower. Abroad some varieties of long-life grease, as long as a thin layer evenly attach to the rolling surface, SKF tapered roller bearing can work in such as boring machine spindle parts for more than 10 years and keep excellent lubrication performance, the domestic grease are also developed. Used is not suitable for the lubrication situation, appropriate USES the grease with good quality, selecting the appropriate amount of fatliquoring and fat in cycles. Due to the large discreteness fat life, cycle shall be closely monitored in lipids and confirmed after long-term accumulation of practical experience. In good condition, adopt the appropriate sealing, high quality grease lubrication can maintain for a long time, as long as the SKF tapered roller bearing life requirement is not too long, may also be a complete fat after that don't need to supplement the fatliquoring, but to carefully in this situation. Seal can prevent loss of lubricant and dirt from entering the SKF tapered roller bearing, so as to keep the SKF tapered roller bearing lubrication and clean degree and is beneficial to achieve long life, but also want to consider the jianfan of seal structure and cost effective degree and period of validity, sealing, according to the environmental conditions and requirements of SKF tapered roller bearing of life to choose reasonable, want to notice at the same time seals used properly, can bring huge benefits; Seals use undeserved, the effect is not big. For example, the contact seal seals under high speed hot sealing function and rapid wear and lose, SKF tapered roller bearing wear products and pollution; Non-contact seal on both sides of seal pressure difference ( Pneumatic or hydraulic) , dust or oil sealing effect will be worse. In lubricant adding appropriate dose of extreme pressure, anti-wear agent can improve the service life of SKF tapered roller bearing.
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