Linear motion rolling features of the mechanical - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Linear motion rolling feature types and characteristics of rolling linear guide pair, with circular arc grooved roller and compared with the point contact bearing capacity is big, good rigidity, low friction factor. Linear rolling guide bush vice: low friction factor, save power. Trace mobile and flexible, accurate, low speed when no peristaltic crawling. Rolling spline pair: very small friction resistance, can undertake high speed rotating or reciprocating motion. Rolling guide block: for cylindrical roller, roller bearing capacity is about 10 times more of the ball bearing, the difference between the dynamic and static friction factor, to start the parking repeatedly, reverse and high frequency can reduce the weight and power consumption, no slippage. Linear motion system load calculation, on the guide rail and slide block the action of load, because of the position of the workpiece center of gravity, the location of the driving force F and the start and stop the deceleration caused by inertial force and the external force such as resistance to change. Can use a space force system six balance equation. The structure and features of linear rolling guide bush vice: linear rolling guide sleeve by the linear motion ball bearings, linear motion ball bearings bearing, circular guide shaft and guide shaft bearings on both ends. Due to the structure of the linear ball bearings can only do on the guide shaft axial linear reciprocating motion, and cannot rotate. Load ball bearing and guide shaft outside cylindrical as point contact, and therefore allowable load is small, but the friction resistance is very small. High precision bearing movement of portable flexible price is low, easy maintenance, easy replacement, suitable for high accuracy requirement and load lighter linear reciprocating motion system. Linear rolling guide vice set of methods to install: linear ball bearings in the brackets, should use special installation tool pressure by outer end face, do not allow direct knock bearing so as to avoid deformation. Structure and working principle of rolling spline pair, rolling spline pair composed of spline shaft spline set of ball bearing and circulating device, each other becomes 120 ° on the spline shaft has three spline, the spline has the ball and the raceway, the left and right sides of the three columns ball is used to transfer torque, forward the other three columns used in reverse torque. When the spline shaft and the spline sets of linear motion, the relative ball in the groove and reverse circulation device rolling, forming a closed loop. Has the high life and strength. Ball, spline, loop device and sealing device is assembled into a whole, can be removed from the spline shaft of freedom. Compact structure, simple assembly. Both can bear radial load, and can transfer torque. By selecting the diameter of the ball is rolling spline pair in produce interference, namely when loading, can improve the contact stiffness, precision motion, and impact resistance. Rolling guide, also known as the roller guide blocks of carrying capacity of takong degree is high, the stroke length is not restricted, flexible movement long service life.
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