How to fix the magnetic pump pump shaft, bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Magnetic Pump Magnetic Pump Magnetic Pump is a kind of common products, and the use range is more extensive Pump Magnetic Pump bearing use of steel for high carbon chromium bearing steel, because of the high quality of bearing steel smelting by vacuum deaeration, electromagnetic stirring, oxide content is less, in can contact under high compressive stress at the same time also can bear larger high tensile stress, after heat treatment, raceway hardness of 58 - axis 62HRC。 If there is a crack or magnetic pump pump shaft surface has the heavy wear and tear, will affect the strength of the centrifugal pump shaft should be replaced when new axis. Such as the pump shaft bending or mild wear slightly, retractor, etc. , should be repaired. So, what methods magnetic pump repair of pump shaft? 1, magnetic pump shaft neck retractor and wear after repair with sliding bearing of the pump shaft journal, due to bad lubrication or lubricating oil into iron, sand, etc. And make the pump shaft journal scratch or grinding out of the trench, rubber at guide bearing journal wear and so on, generally USES the plating, copper plating, stainless steel plating to repair, then the car or processed into standard diameter grinding method. 2, magnetic pump, pump shaft bending repair of small-diameter pump shaft can be bent in place MATS of copper hammer knock alignment; Of larger diameter, without serious bending of pump shaft, screw corrector straightening. 3, keyway magnetic pump repair such as spline surface is rough, and the damage is not serious, available file repair the light. Such as damage to the heavier, but the old groove weld repairs, another new trough elsewhere, but for larger pump shaft must be replaced a new shaft transmission power. 4, magnetic pump shaft thread repair of pump shaft end thread damage lighter when available files continue to use the thread file repair after injury. If the injury is serious, the pump shaft end first small car, pressure on a bushing again, in the bushing on the screw thread; Also can use electricity, gas welding welding in thread on the pump shaft end, turning out the thread again.
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