FAG one-way bearing maintenance inspection method of step - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Bearing raceway groove sound sound and its control method is when bearing is running, rolling on the surface of the raceway of the rolling element and a line of continuous sound, happened all FAG bearing characteristic of the basic sound. Generally one-way bearing ring raceway is combined with other sounds. The rigidity of the bearing, the greater the raceway of sound pressure level is lower. Such as radial clearance is too small, the sound pressure level and the main frequency of the raceway sound can increase sharply with the decrease of radial clearance. One-way bearing fatigue failure is a failure surface form, main performance for fatigue crack initiation, expansion and fracture process, under the alternating load generated by the fault of the long-term effects of the metal. Cracks in two aspects: 1, on the surface, this is a FAG bearing in the process of rolling contact, because of the work in the plastic deformation and strain hardening on the surface of the contact stress on the surface of the cyclical changes caused by the effect of external load, and finally on the inner surface of the small crack from the development, the formation of surface crack between the two, because Xie into the lubricant on the surface of the work, the power of the open, crack down on the wall, crack force to move forward; 2, from the surface, again and again under the pressure of the surface contact, the first where exposed on the surface of the crack depth of a crack, and along the surface direction Angle, to a certain depth, since on the surface of contact area, and beyond the surface, and finally form the corrosion, leaving a horse pit. From one-way bearing surface, or from the surface of the crack, the two objectives ( Part carburizing, quenching and other surface heat treatment, if after have uneven hardness, organization, and the internal stress of non-uniform and other adverse, the contact stress is generally have the opposite under the influence of ground fissure, if parts surface quality is poor, there is a defect ( Oxidation and decarburization) Poor lubrication, friction or from the surface crack. Method to control the sound of raceway are: choose low noise FAG bearing is bearing waviness is very small, that is, carefully select and use conditions. Race often affect the mechanical noise, reduce the raceway can reduce the mechanical noise. One-way bearing of rolling mill and its control method for roll is cylindrical roller bearing in the harsh metal can occur in all occasions, mostly happens in large type bearing grease lubrication, and in the performance degradation occurred more often in grease base oil, almost does not occur when oil lubrication. In addition, more easily occur during the winter, when under pure radial load, the radial clearance prone to big occasions, and with different size, easy to happen in a certain speed range, both continuous and intermittent. External ring raceway take special processing method can prevent the occurrence of roll ring, can choose this kind of bearing, if necessary or appropriate to reduce FAG bearing radial clearance, the use of high performance grease and improve to suit the bearing parts of rigidity
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