Double row deep groove ball bearing NSK friction knowledge of maintenance skills - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Double row deep groove ball bearing with NSK bearings is to make the action of stationary ring and rotating ring respectively with the stationary part of the installation site ( Usually bearing) And rotating parts ( Usually the shaft, Consolidation in together, so as to realize in the condition of rotating relative to the static load and limited movement system the basic task of the system location. NSK bearings on the shaft and bearing seat, the requirements in the radial, axial and tangential direction to three directions such as fixed position. Through the positioning of the radial and tangential double row deep groove ball bearing ring tight fit the mining of implementation, the axial positioning only in a few cases with tight fit; Generally USES the axial spacing parts, such as end cover and retainer could happen on the axial location clearance range. Double row deep groove ball bearing diameter of axle and bearing shell direct contact to prevent adhesion formation and the performance of the boundary lubrication. Factors influencing the friction pair friction compatibility of materials is: ( 1) As a deputy to the difficulty of the composition of alloy materials metallurgy. ( 2) Materials and affinity of lubricant. ( 3) Become vice material in the absence of the friction factor of lubrication condition. ( 4) The microstructure of materials. ( 5) Thermal conductivity of materials. ( 6) The size of the material surface energy and the characteristics of the oxide film. High pressure oil in the oil pump by the nozzle jet to the bearing, NSK bearings into the bearing at the other end into the oil in the tank. When bearing at high speed, rolling element and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air with general lubrication methods are difficult to be sent to NSK bearings, lubricating oil and lubricating oil spray must use the method of high-pressure jet to double row deep groove ball bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center.
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