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Bearing the heat treatment process formula, collection! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Clean heat treatment formed by heat treatment production wastewater, waste gas, FeiYan, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation can cause pollution to the environment. Solve the problem of heat treatment of environmental pollution, implementation of clean heat treatment ( Or green heat treatment) Is one of the developing direction of the heat treatment technology in the developed countries. For reducing SO2, CO, CO2 emissions, dust and coal cinder, have put an end to coal as fuel, fewer and fewer in the use of heavy oil, diesel oil in the majority of natural gas is still the most ideal fuel. Combustion furnace waste heat utilization has reached a very high degree, and empty - burner structure optimization Fuel ratio under the premise of strict control to ensure the reasonable combustion, NOX and CO to reduce to a minimum; Using gas carburizing, carbonitriding and vacuum heat treatment technology instead of salt bath treatment to reduce FeiYan and CN - Have poison to the water pollution; With water soluble synthetic quenching oil instead of part of the quenching oil, using biodegradable vegetable oil instead of part of the mineral oil to reduce the oil pollution. Precision heat treatment of heat treatment has the meaning of two aspects: on the one hand, is based on the use requirements of the parts, material, structure, size and the use of physical metallurgy knowledge and advanced computer simulation and testing technology, optimization of process parameters, to achieve the required performance or maximize the potential of materials; On the other hand is fully guarantee the stability of the optimization process to achieve product quality dispersion is small ( Or zero) And heat treatment distortion is zero. Energy saving heat treatment of the science of energy production and energy management is the effective use of the most potential factors, establish a professional heat treatment plant to ensure the full production, give full play to the equipment capacity is the choice of scientific management. In terms of heat treatment energy structure, energy choice time; Make full use of waste heat, waste heat; With low energy consumption, short cycle of process instead of the long cycle, energy consumption, etc. No less oxidation heat treatment by using heat protective atmosphere heating instead of oxidizing atmosphere to accurate control of carbon potential, nitrogen potential controlled atmosphere heating, parts performance was improved after heat treatment, heat treatment defects such as decarburization and cracks reduce greatly, finish machining allowance reduced after heat treatment, improve the utilization rate of material and machining efficiency. Add heat quenching vacuum, vacuum and low pressure carburizing, nitriding, nitrogen and carbon altogether permeability and boriding can obviously improve quality, reduce the distortion and improve life. Bearing parts heat treatment is the most strict quality control in the whole machinery industry. In bearing heat treatment in the past 20 years has made great progress. Craft formula of heat treatment is heavy, determine product quality. Process should be optimized, and equipment performance to master. Paragraphs parameters choice is correct, efficient and reliable should be preferred. Heat insulation and cooling, interlocking don't careless. Steel components are changed, the influence phase change to consider. Using the calculation parameters, process is reliable and applicable. Steel grade class want to distinguish, more scientific reasonable options. The heating temperature is quite important, heat preservation time to fully. High alloy steel section, slow heat guaranteed. Overheating owe hot are bad, just need more consideration. Heat preservation time to consider, heating conditions and status. How many parts and wall thickness, grasp key to calculate. Oxidation decarburization to control, a variety of methods can choose. Anaerobic is the key to build the best option is to vacuum. Parts vertical slender, thin wall to prevent deformation. Cross-section mutation to note that heating cooling to protection. Cooling is greater than the critical value, the martensite is fundamental. Cooling control to properly, the appropriate check cold cracking. To ensure that the hardness of the ground, immediately tempering to stress. Temperature adjustment of hardness, different tempering steel grade change. Multiple tempering cannot little, stable size performance. Steel is brittle fast cold, is required to ensure that performance to bear in mind. Hardness is based on performance, quantitative relationship can be reduced. Master science and technology, down-to-earth practice. Accumulate experience summary, more practical fast and more reliable.
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