To identify the bearing grease is good or bad knowledge of simple method, the bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Main play the role of lubrication and sealing, bearing grease for the bearing ability to work with a lot of help, of course, we buy in bearing grease, if buy the bad products not only can't bearing lubrication effect, even cause certain damage to bearing, so a lot of people would like to know about bearing grease to identify the good simple method, the bearing network according to understand, to share the following simple method, hope to be of help. See appearance: grease appearance regardless of what kind of color rendering, fat body should be uniform dense paste body, if you open the packing, saw the oil slick surface, grease surface color shades or skin sclerosis, or consistency decreased significantly, or mixed with water and emulsion white fat surface, or grease on the surface of seal cause qualitative change, the fat are unavailable. Grease of the same quality, the greater the volume the better the quality. Sense of smell, and finally, if there are some strange smell when opened the package, then we consider whether bearing grease has expired. In addition, according to the bearing net remind everybody, usually good bearing grease kneading by hand, does not have a cough up hand feeling, it will be smooth. Caused by the add additive and that is exactly what their feeling. Burn: if it is good quality bearing grease in the case of a fire with the voice of the zha zha zha, no special smell, of course, I'll smoke, the smoke from but color is not black. As the smoke of burning area will be more and more small, you can use some auxiliary tools, remove grease, in light with fire, if drip drop point low grease, grease and high drop point. And see how many to see grease residue after combustion quality. Due to the high drop point lithium grease, so the point is not in the fire of the fat. Prompt, when to buy bearing grease, we should not only learn it distinguish method, also have to be targeted to choose according to the requirements, China bearing network tell everyone we can choose from several aspects. 1, rust resistance, since it is used on the bearing grease, is must have certain rust resistance, can help bearing rust prevention work, and it is rust inhibitor is not soluble in water, so when the choice, is to determine the oil has good adhesion, can form a layer of oil film. 2, stability. Stability problem, it is directly affect the bearing can operate properly, and whether it can play a normal role of main performance. Generally in the case of normal operation, internal oil would come through the bearing bearing, if cannot guarantee stability, will lead to in operation, the structure of the grease will happen collapse and led to the destruction, grease lubrication and rust protection performance, so that it does not guarantee can also affect the normal operation. 3, the use of the temperature and the working conditions. The bearing grease will also have a variety of categories in which oil also need to play a role in different temperature, so, when choosing, must consider is low fat or high temperature grease. Good bearing grease, should choose to not only, also according to the specific reasons for the choose and buy, we need this to bearing lubrication effect will be better.
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