The principle of bearing the packaging and materials is introduced

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Bearing the packing of the abstract: bearing outer packing weight bearing manufacturing finished inspection for cleaning rust prevention treatment into the packaging to use convenient maintenance quality precision bearing waterproof and moistureproof and dustproof shock the sales objective bearing rust into rust antirust packing is suitable for bulk shipping the same ease of use by the subscriber short-term bearing bilateral agreement principle use simple packaging 2002: machine tools, wto is a challenge but also opportunity experts point out that to strengthen research and development of CNC machine tools in our country to speed up the development of the popular type segment in the machine tool talk at random service competition in the machine tool manufacturing industry in China the status quo of Chinese milling machine and machining center market development direction and prospect of the technology level of domestic and international lathe and machining center production, demand and development trend of world machine tool numerical control system development trend of world development trend both at home and abroad machining technology and the development of nc machine tools. Bearing packing part and outer packing. After completion of bearings in the manufacturing and the inspection, cleaning and antirust processing, then put into the inner packing, in order to achieve the waterproof, moistureproof, dustproof, shock proof, maintenance quality and precision of the bearing and the purpose of convenient use and sell. Bearing the inner packing by antirust period is divided into three categories: (1) short rustproof packaging: antirust period 3 ~ 6 months, suitable for bulk shipments to the same subscriber, bearing will be put into use in the short term. By mutual agreement, with easy to use for the principle, the simple packaging. (2) general antirust packing: antirust period for one year, suitable for general purpose bearings. The long antirust period: rust period of two years, is applicable to special and precision bearing. Bearing the inner packing material with polyethylene plastic tube ( Box) Polyethylene composite paper, kraft paper, plain and furrow, carton, PE or the PE plastic film, nylon fastening belt or woven plastic fastening belt, waterproof high strength plastic belt, sack, etc. The above materials are need to ensure that material corrosion resistance test. The principle of bearing the inner packing method: (1) miniature bearing: every 10 ~ 15 sets of bearings in a plastic tube, every 5 ~ 10 plastic tube into a carton ( Or bag, bag) 。 (2) the medium and small bearings: many sets of bearings with polyethylene film, external use kraft paper or polyethylene composite paper roll package; Several sets of bearings in a plastic tube ( Box) ; A single set of bearing with polyethylene film bag packing, folding or sealing mouth and then into a carton. (3) a large bearing: single set packing with polyethylene film or polyethylene composite paper, then in a carton; With polyethylene film bag, single set packing after folding mouth, then in a carton; Single set into the special plastic boxes; Single set of three layer bound up packing: the inner or compound with polyethylene film tape, middle-level with fastening belt, outer with waterproof osmotic plastic belt. (4) oversize bearings: a single set of three layer bound up packaging ( Same as above) ; Four multiplied by single layer bound up packing: in the above three layers bound up after packaging, the outermost bound up a layer of linen cloth belt. To a diameter of 150 mm or more separable type of tapered roller bearings, inside and outside in front of the packaging components should be liner polyethylene film before, or internal and external components individually packaged separately. To a diameter of 150 mm or more interchangeable cylindrical roller bearing, due to the easily upon complete packaging, generally can be used both inside and outside component individually packaged separately. Bearing outer packing of the general material and the request is as follows: (1) double corrugated carton, total weight per case ( Gross weight) No more than 25 kg, use plastic box packaging strapping; (2) the nail plate box ( The wooden case) , no more than the total weight 30 kg per box, box use blue steel strapping; (3) plastic corrugated carton, gross weight less than 25 kg, love with plastic box packing belts externally. Will load bearing products with the inner packing box, should be first in the liner in the plastic bag or plastic film; If there are gaps in the oven, dry material such as corrugated pieces will be needed, paper scraps to fill.
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