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The fan bearing problems? 18 years fan manufacturer analysis to solve for you! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
To the question of the fan bearings are available from the broadly divided into two categories: human factors and design factors. Specific measures as follows: the fan bearing a problem? Difference in height between the bearing problem in view of the difference in height between the bearing and requirements on the operation specification, and to conduct regular inspection equipment of fan bearing, in strict accordance with the provisions to operate. Foundation, should formulate strict operating standards, and ensure the consistent with requirements to the construction site. On the design, to improve the fan design technology, strict inspection also can be seen that the bearing operation. The fan bearing problems? Bearing pressure lead tight problem bearing problems card to help lead bearing pressure tight package, can be in after the installation is complete, on the side for surveying and mapping, the main packaging bearing and bridge the gap between, and the clearance between the bearing yu bearing base. Only guarantee reasonable enough clearance can prevent bearing in operation temperature cannot spread out and lead to an elevated temperature. The fan bearing problems? Finally the problems of bearing internal water cavity is small on the problem of the small water bearing internal cavity of the carefully analysis. General casting process design flaws are rare, but cannot be completely ruled out, once appear, only scrap replacement. Mostly due to congestion bearing water cavity in operation, are to be found in time, and removed for washing and maintenance process.
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