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The elevator at the site bearing wear - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Wear causes of a, elevator shaft hoist general promotion of the cement industry is high, the height is higher. Hoist in the running process because of its high altitude high load to damage more serious bearing driving part. At the same time, the heavy load lifting equipment have a counterweight, the impact of vibration during the operation of also is bigger, the use conditions, long running process, the bearing lubrication once appear, problem will cause the jammed phenomenon, in turn, affect the normal rotation of the bearing, and bearing wear situation. Second, the elevator at the site bearing wear of step 1. First according to the drawings or field measurement tools; 2. To do a good job of preparation, that is, the removal of equipment, tooling processing, related tools and the preparation of personnel to ensure enough space construction and safe working environment; 3. Preliminary work on the surface of the shaft, bearing and oil on the surface of the surface to wipe clean, and removing high, burr, rust, etc. ; 4. Will wipe clean tooling in the outside, and have two semicircle tooling tighten well, using measuring tools to processing precision tooling, including location dimension, fixed size and roundness of tooling diameter; 5. Tooling size measurement is to determine the qualified junior limits be on probation; 6. Empty be on probation after loading, determine the equipment under the premise of fully qualified, began to make the next repairs; 7. Surface treatment: use the oxygen acetylene on bearing surface baked oil processing, until no sparks, and then put the bearing surface oxidation into clean, bared metal color; 8. Using anhydrous ethanol will bearing surface surface clean, ensure no dirt, dry; 9. Using anhydrous ethanol tooling inside surface and discharge of the tank and the orientation of bolt and bolt hole, pin and pin hole, etc to wipe clean, dry; 10. Tooling inside surface and discharge of the tank, bolts, bolt hole, dowel pin, positioning pin hole to wipe a layer of thin sauvy SD7000 release agent, the thinner the good, dry spare; 11. According to the empty be on probation when doing certain bearing wear depth, calculate the dosage of materials; 12. In strict accordance with the proportion of mixed sauvy SD7104 materials, mixed evenly without color difference; 13. Will reconcile good sauvy carbon nano polymer materials quickly apply to the bearing surface: the first layer pressure, over and over again to ensure that materials and bearing surface adhesion in full, and then apply evenly to the surface of the shaft, daub is slightly larger than the thickness of bearing an uneven wear; Tooling inside surface also apply a layer of thin materials; 14. The tooling quickly installed, tighten bolts and positioning pin installation. Observed in the process of installation equipment installation location, fastening tools to avoid in the process of tooling deformation at the same time. If the room temperature is lower, proper heating surface of tooling; 15. From the mixed materials to equipment installed, the whole process must be completed in 15 minutes; 16. Material curing: when environment temperature 24 ℃, suggested removing tooling time not less than 4 hours. 24 ℃ ambient temperature, it is recommended to use iodine tungsten lamp heating - 60 80 ℃ of not less than 3 hours; 17. Be careful when demolition of tooling, avoid disassembly process cause material damage or loss; 18. After removal of tooling remove excess material; 19. Back pack components: in order to install parts, bearing assembly suggested heated to 100 - at the same time 120℃。 Three, elevator shaft wear repair case
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