The correct use of TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
Proper use of grease, must know the lubrication grease in TIMKEN movements of cylindrical roller bearing. Ensure the stability of the grease. Fill in the rolling bearing grease movement, as the rotation of the TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing, generally can be divided into two stages. In general, TIMKEN grease filling volume in the cylindrical roller bearing, is always more than directly involved in the actual requirement of lubrication, the frame and the bearing cover cavity, and forms an outline in rolling around in vitro. In this process, due to excess grease resistance, bearing temperature rise quickly. Although most redundant grease at the beginning of the operation is being squeezed out, and squeezed in the raceway attachment grease could still be turning into the groove between roller. Most of these in the early stages of the bearing running grease quickly ( Less than a minute) Has been rolled out, and the accumulation in grease in TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing rotation of systemic circulation at the same time, have a small amount of discharge. When bearing (degrees still continue to rise, until all redundant grease were discharge, may be called the grease running-in stage, according to the structure of the bearing grease factors such as quality, filling quantity, this paragraph of time can last more than ten minutes, or even a few hours. The rest of the rest of the grease is completely after discharge, a small amount of grease in the rolling element and raceway, keep touch each other, cadastral wedge formed by a thin film of grease, so as to enter the bearing running stage. The temperature decrease and balance. That is to say, the long-term lubrication, mainly rely on the film of grease. In addition, in the process of bearing long-term operation, rolling element and raceway profile near detachments and keep on the shelf to atrophy and grease base oil, flow into the race, between supplement to lubrication also to have certain effect. Different form in TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing grease outline to traffic is not the same, must form outline is quite is, shorter running-in time, bearing temperature is low, in the long-term operation and smooth, this is a kind of ideal grease, so is especially important for into the canal of grease. Some so-called vortex type grease is not, is not easy to form the outline, even form the contour is easy to collapse, then roll back to the redundant grease in the tiny repeatedly by strong mixing conditions in the long-term, TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearing torque is big, high temperature, and uneven, also may produce noise, grease also easy metamorphism and erosion.
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