Reliable refresh bearing grease, dynamo higher performance! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Grease metamorphism caused frequent motor bearing fault, repeated down let companies struggling to keep up! Reliable lubrication is, of course, all open, the single block or the sealed bearing motor's dream. In fact, all motor grease because of excessive oxidation, oil leakage, mechanical operation and metamorphism occurred oil volatilization, etc reasons. In practice, to maintain and even the performance of the generator, and adhere to scientific motor bearing lubrication management planning is very important. Experts in constant practice, summarizes a set of 'time', 'quantitative', 'sequencing' motor bearing grease replacement guide. Timing factors affecting grease replacement frequency is very complicated, generally includes temperature, using the continuity, the grease injection, bearing size and speed, effectiveness and grease seal suitability for special applications, etc. So, decide when and how long does it take to replace a grease is not a simple matter. Normally, continuous operation of the light load to load motor, require at least a year to replace a grease; Every 10 ° C, higher than nominal recommended temperature grease replacement interval need to cut in half. Quantitative determination of motor bearing grease injection is bearing lubrication and replace the grease for the first time one of the important steps. Insufficient grease injection can lead to an insufficient lubrication bearing fault, while injection too much can lead to bearing failure and was into the problems in electromagnetic winding for grease. Sequencing as much as possible to remove the old grease to prevent grease metamorphism, leakage, and the important way of contaminated is the key to avoid incompatible blending grease. So after the replacement time and replacement quantity must follow a strict washing and in lipid program! To fatliquoring mouth and fat mouth rolling bearing as an example, using step 5 'decompression' washing and in fat can be smoothly to complete process: 1. Split: remove the located at the bottom of the fat bolt, from the fat mouth remove all the hardened oil; 2. Wipe: wipe the grease fatliquoring mouth; 3. Note: inject grease fatliquoring mouth, until the new grease from fat mouth eduction, ensure that the old grease has all rows. To ensure equipment running environment is safe, feasible, this step can be performed at the same time of equipment operation; 4. Line: don't put grease on the bolt, the normal operation of the motor and keep operating temperature, grease will be extended to uniform distribution, until the redundant grease from fat mouth eduction, thereby reducing internal pressure; 5. Loading: remove excess grease and fat on the bolt. Choose the right to select the correct grease grease is the motor bearing hwan new basis. As the electrical equipment lubrication increasingly harsh environment, choose a high-performance grease is very important. Grease is a composed of base oil, thickener and additive of semi solid lubricant, high-quality motor grease in viscosity, consistency, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, dropping point, shear stability, such as the typical performance indicators.
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