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NSK bearings to choose and use the matters needing attention of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
NSK bearings in the machinery is mainly ACTS as the role of support and reduce friction, so the accuracy of NSK bearings, noise is directly related to the use of machinery and longevity. So we use in to purchase NSK bearings and have some matters need attention in the NSK bearings, the bearing network as bearing industry one-stop service, to share knowledge. The type of NSK bearings is very widely used, let's take to analyze the deep groove ball bearing NSK. NSK bearing NSK bearings of choose and buy items: 1, the types of options: NSK bearing model is usually used by the user's technical personnel according to the product of form a complete set of conditions and the load to select NSK bearings. Business people mainly learn the user's actual load is consistent with the selected NSK bearings, NSK bearings if can not meet the use requirement, should suggest change model as soon as possible, but unless special products on the choice models generally do not have what problem. 2, NSK bearing clearance choice: when users buy NSK bearings, businesses generally just let us know in what type, grade, rarely for NSK bearing clearance request, business people must ask NSK bearing NSK bearing conditions of use, including speed, temperature, NSK bearing clearance fit tolerance are directly related to the choice. Generally under 3500 RPM speed motor USES mostly CM clearance such as high temperature and high speed motor, require the use of relatively large clearance. NSK bearings clearance after assembly will rise because of the inner hole and narrowing of the cylindrical and lead to reduce, reduction of clearance x60 % = interference ( Except the NSK bearing chamber is aluminum) 。 NSK bearing such as clearance is zero before assembly. 01 mm, interference when assembling the quantity to zero. 01 mm, NSK bearing assembly after the clearance of 0. 004mm。 NSK bearings in theory when zero clearance noise and life are the best state, but in actual operation considering the problems such as temperature, NSK bearing clearance to 0 after assembly. 002mm- 0. 004 mm is better. 3, the choice of grease, sebum NSK bearings are usually based on the choice of the rotating speed, heat resistance and noise requirements and choose pneumatic torque, etc, requires us to grease the west can understand. 4, the choice of the form of NSK bearing seal: NSK bearing lubrication can be divided into oil lubrication and grease lubrication. NSK bearing lubrication is generally choose form NSK bearings, NSK bearing grease lubrication generally choose dust cover or rubber seal seal. Dust cover suitable for high temperature or use a good place, seal two points contact seal and non-contact seal and contact seal dustproof performance is good but the aerodynamic torque is bigger, the non-contact seal pneumatic torque is small, but there is no contact sealing performance is good. NSK bearings need to be aware of when using items: 1, NSK bearing chamber axis and tolerance of choice and control: after the NSK bearings NSK bearing pressure should be flexible rotation without blocking. If there are any obvious rotation is not flexible, indicates the size of the shaft is too big, tolerance to downgrade. NSK bearings, such as pressure into the shaft by hand after the rotation has obvious sasha vujacic feeling, may be the shaft or shaft roundness tolerance is too big. So in good control of NSK bearing chamber axis and tolerance to the control good roundness, at present many domestic manufacturers to control the tolerance only, did not have to control the roundness. 2, NSK bearing assembly way: because NSK bearings are high precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to NSK bearings channel, lead to damage of NSK bearings. NSK bearings in the assembly shall have a dedicated mold, not casually, only when pressure into the shaft, can the small circle stress, pressure can force the circle circle. Require the use of pneumatic or hydraulic assembly, lower die when being connected to outside the state level, such as with sloping NSK bearings can lead to channel due to mechanical damage, and make the NSK bearings produce guide ring. 3, the assembly to prevent foreign body: NSK bearings when loaded on the rotor to do dynamic balance easily NSK bearings will be generated when the dynamic balance of iron into inside, so it is best to the NSK bearings before do dynamic balance. There are some manufacturers in order to convenient assembly, assembly NSK bearings in indoor coated with some oil or grease lubrication effect, but usually operators good amount of it is hard to control, if oil or grease NSK bearings in indoor storing up more, NSK bearings in turns easily NSK bearings along the shaft into the interior. NSK bearings room had better be not to apply oil or grease, if must apply to control, NSK bearings shall not be in indoor have left. 4, paint, rust prevention: paint rust is characterized by multiple in sealing type motor, the motor sound is very good, when it is assembled but put some time in the warehouse, the motor sound is very big, remove the NSK bearings have serious rust phenomenon. Many manufacturers will think that is a question of NSK bearings before, after our propaganda, motor factory now have realized mainly is a question of insulating varnish. Acid varnish comes out of the problem is mainly due to the formation of corrosive substances under certain temperature, humidity, NSK bearing NSK bearing channel after corrosion lead to the damage. The problem now is only to choose good insulating paint, after drying and ventilation assembly after a period of time.
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