NSK bearings countermeasures - bearing knowledge maintenance overhaul and damage

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
The detection of main watch bearing have rivet head askew, relaxation welding position is correct. The stand or fall of cage welding. Weld is too small, welding is not strong, or welding caused by excessive card ball and so on. NSK bearings are in the test process needs special attention. There are some problems need to be aware of. Below to years of experience to share with you in the detection of bearing local. First check the NSK bearings on the environment should be a light in the environment, it is best to astigmatism, so as to better external observations of NSK bearings, look at the surface and no crack, and other strange. Such as mechanical cloud in the process of wear and scratches, touch, NSK bearing assembly offset, will lead to cause adverse device location, flat load and stress concentration, caused by modelling accuracy and reduce the service life of NSK bearings. 1, NSK bearings of maintenance, repair, and exception handling for as long as possible in good condition to maintain the performance of the bearing was required to maintenance, repair, in order to prevent accident arrangement to ensure the reliability of operation, improve the productivity and economy. To maintain the best conditions of mechanical operation of the corresponding operation standard, on a regular basis. Contents include, monitoring operation status, supplement or replacement of lubricants, remove the check on a regular basis. As maintenance issues in the operation, have bearing the rotation of the sound, vibration, temperature, the state of the lubricants and so on. 2, NSK bearing damage and countermeasures, if the proper use of bearings, can be used to achieve fatigue life. But there will be unexpected injury prematurely, not resistant to use. This early damage, as opposed to a fatigue life, is called the quality using limit of fault or accident. Much due to the installation, use, do not pay attention on the lubrication, intrusion of foreign bodies from outside, to the shaft, shell heat affected study enough. Damage status about NSK bearings, such as: roller bearing ring guard card, as a reason to consider, lack of lubricant, not suitable for, for the defect of oil discharge structure, foreign invasion, bearing installation error, the deflection of the shaft is too large, also can have these reasons. Therefore, only NSK bearing damage investigation, the real reason is hard to come by injury. However, the use of machinery, if you know the bearing conditions of use, bearing the surrounding structure, to get hold of before and after the accident, combined with several damage status and causes of bearing, can prevent the similar accident happen again. NSK bearings about the use of the matters needing attention are as follows: keep the NSK bearings and its turnover clean even the eyes can't see the little dust, also can bring bad influence to NSK bearings. So, keep the surrounding clean, dust from invading NSK bearings. Carefully use NSK bearings in use give strong impact, will produce scar and creasing, become the cause of the accident. Severe cases, can crack, fracture, so must pay attention to. NSK operation using the appropriate tools to avoid in the work of the existing bearing to replace, must use the appropriate tools. We often stressed the importance of tools, because there are too many customers in the installation using the wrong tool for the NSK bearing damage. To pay attention to the corrosion of NSK bearings NSK bearing operation, sweat will become the cause of rust. Attention should be paid to operation with clean hands, best gloves as far as possible.
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