Fan bearing wearing the scene emergency maintenance of two or three things - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Cement enterprise preheater fan drive side of bearing wear belongs to the sudden accident case, because of environmental problems, enterprises have wrong peak production down time. The peak when stop, rotary kiln stop first, because of preheater fan cooling of rotary kiln parking needs after, so he didn't downtime with rotary kiln preheater fan. Is in the process of rotary kiln temperature, is operator's mistake, because central lubrication system will be shut down, and the temperature control system was closed at the same time. Fan bearing operating temperature could have appeared in 60 ℃ alarm, 75 ℃ automatically jump stop, because of the reason of the temperature control system is closed, the fan drive side bearing under the conditions of no oil, no temperature control protection running for nearly 40 minutes. After being enterprise the researchers found that the central control room, bearing has been completely ablation, smoke was pouring from the enterprise, belongs to a serious irregularities production accident. Sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology is how to realize the scene emergency repair the fan bearing a? ( 1) Sauvy industrial engineer equipment with the enterprise managers to communicate, understand the parameters of the equipment, the first time such as bearing type, the diameter of the shaft, wear width, wear depth and shoulder size and the corresponding pictures; The fan bearing wear ( 2) Sauvy industrial fan shaft for repair of the equipment repair technology is adopted, there are a large number of the fan shaft and data, so the sauvy company has a large number of semi-finished products tooling, once the enterprise to compare the emergency repair, can choose the right equipment to the site for the first time, and the scene actual measurement tooling required for each data size, in conjunction with the enterprise's need only three hours time can complete finished tooling processing work, ensure high efficiency, high quality. ( 3) Tooling is completed, the next step of the repair work is very simple and efficient, simple operation steps, field use tooling and carbon nano polymer materials only need 5 hours to complete the installation of the repair and bearing can tooling. Sauvy engineer on site repair the fan bearing wear a concrete operation process is as follows: ( 1) Surface baked oil: oil using acetylene oxygen for baking, operation time control between 10 to 15 minutes; The fan bearing wear position baked oil processing ( 2) Surface polishing: use the rough grinding polishing machine will surface, clean, improve sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7101H cohesive force. The whole grinding process control in 30 minutes, to ensure every tiny parts grinding bearing a surface clean; The fan bearing wear position grinding ( 3) Sauvy carbon nano polymer SD7101H dosage calculation, and according to the calculated results by 2:1 harmonic SD7101H; ( 4) Will reconcile good SD7101H evenly to the bearing surface, and rapid tooling installed; From the harmonic SD7101H to equipment installed, 10 minutes to complete the whole process; Daub sauvy SD7101H materials ( 5) SD7101H natural curing after 30 minutes, in the heat curing, the curing time is 2 hours. Equipped with tooling for material curing ( 6) SD7101H curing is complete, ready to heating bearing and remove the tooling work, both at the same time. Do simple tooling after the removal of surface processing, verify size of repair, remove to the surface of the excess material. Bearing heating to specify the temperature at the same time, the rapid installed, lock tightly solid round nut, restored. Secondary processing can be seen from the whole repair process, sauvy industry throughout the repair process is very simple and quick, without tedious process steps and a large number of tools, but many details need to strictly control the repair process. The repair work and bearing, bearing and motor after the installation, companies use dial indicator, an actual measurement on the concentricity of after repair, repair precision meet the requirements of fan operation, the fan bearing repair precision is good.
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