FAG needle bearing with oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
FAG bearings with the needle roller bearing is the function of stationary ring and rotating ring and stationary part of the installation site ( Usually bearing) And rotating parts ( Usually the shaft, Consolidation in together, so as to realize in the condition of rotating relative to the static load and limited movement system the basic task of the system location. In the shaft and bearing, roller bearing requirements in the radial, axial and tangential direction to three directions such as fixed position. Through the positioning of the radial and tangential the tight fit of bearing ring, the axial positioning only in a few cases with tight fit; Usually USES the axial spacing parts, such as end cover and retaining ring could happen on the axial location clearance range. FAG bearings when choosing cooperation should pay attention to the following four bearing ring circumferential surface should have good bearing and force uniform, in order to reduce the deformation and can give full play to FAG bearing capacity; Bearing ring in its surface can't slide along the tangent direction, otherwise it will damage the mating surface; Freedom end bearing must be able to adapt to changing with the length of the shaft and bearing seat holes, which must have to adapt to the axial location within a certain range of swimming ability; Must make the erection and dismantling of needle roller bearing is simple, save work done, save time, save costs. Make good use of needle bearing with effect is very good, also hope that we fully consider when selecting the above four considerations. To have grease lubrication of the bearing and oil seal or dust cover on both sides, sealing ring FAG bearing without cleaning before installation. Check the size of the related parts and finish machining. 1, grease lubrication FAG bearing lubrication is best again in the equipment downtime and implementation of the plan and added on a regular basis, at the same time, the old rid grease or via the drain the old oil out empty. Before adding fresh grease injection nozzle should be wiped clean. If there is no zerk bearing box, should open the bearing box cover or end cover, in order to remove the old grease, clean up after, supplement the same type of fresh oil. 2, lubricating oil, check the oil level of lubricating oil and the oil, in general, a normal oil level equipment oil level Windows or mark a third - Two-thirds of the range. Oil compensating way for oil cup, the display of the oil level represents oil compensating ability, and the bearing box oil level is to meet operation requirements, oil cup CPC a lower than a quarter of its total volume filling oil may be considered. Check and repair method oil, remove a small amount of oil as a sample and fresh oil, has the ability to unit may be considered for oil testing, to ensure the oil qualified. If the sample looks like clouds, so may be mixed with water as a result, people often say that oil emulsification, at this time should replace the lubricating oil. If the sample cheng dark color or thick, then may say lubricating oil has begun to carbonization, should be replaced the old oil thoroughly. If possible, use fresh oil to wash oil. Oil change, should ensure that the replacement with new and old the same type of lubricating oil, adding the meet the requirements of oil level. Use of the lubrication system of oil bath type, if the oil temperature 60 ℃ ( 140°F) The following, and no pollution of lubricating oil, the replacement of a lubricating oil a year. If the oil temperature at 60 100℃( 140 - 210°F) Need to change four times a year, the lubricating oil. If the oil temperature at 100 - 120℃( 210 - 250°F) , you need to be replaced every month lubricating oil. If the oil temperature at 120 ℃ ( 250°F) Above, the need to replace a weekly lubricating oil.
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