FAG bearings use knowledge inspection maintenance essentials - bearing during operation

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Auto bearing in the operation of inspection is very important, can not be ignored, check the main bearings of rolling noise, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition and so on. We will start with simple introduce FAG bearings rolling, the size of the rumbling and quality check sound device should be used for inspection of auto bearing in operation, with advanced tools can accurately judge the problem, bearing even with slight stripping damage, such as would an exception and irregular, and with the sound of the measuring device can distinguish. And then auto bearing vibration test to check the bearing damage is very sensitive, peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the FAG bearing vibration measurement, therefore, through the use of special auto bearing vibration measuring device ( Frequency analyzer, etc. ) Can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency points cannot deduce the abnormal situation. However each machine measured values for bearing or sensor installation position and different using conditions, thus requiring prior to each machine is analyzed by the measured value of the determined after judgment standard. 1, when used in auto bearing, connecting surroundings clean, do not stick to fit the sweat and dirt. Designated by the understanding of the staff are allowed to use bearing, especially necessary small sad, indentation, owe loss, etc. For guaranteeing the use of the bearing function, should be in accordance with the equipment work scale, FAG bearings on schedule to be protected, aftercare and inspection, include monitoring operation condition, make up for the smooth agent, assembling a raid on schedule. 2, bearing may not directly on the ground storage ( To more than 30 cm) from the ground To prevent direct light and cold wall. In order to guard against rust, custody is about 20 ℃ temperature, environment humidity below 65%, auto bearing arrangement in acidic atmosphere, easy to rust, discoloration, to use gloves, kapok, waste wipes bearing, axis, a hood, dross into the FAG bearing external and common department is to produce the cause of abnormal, is necessary to carefully. 3, bearing measurement deviation, 10% of the public servants should be as follows. General measurement deviation of 10% ~ 33%, and follow the progress of the grade of public service, the greater the proportion of deviation, that is, public servants is smaller, the higher the proportion of deviation, and auto bearing, the public service more than IT5 it's difficult to reach 10%. Measurement deviation means not only can relax 10% inspection and service, but to give must be safe margin, to guaranteeing user acceptance according to the scale to pass the exam. 4, auto bearing in the past also raided the exiguity and gage block, scales and measurement instruments used in the raid with arrangement in a raid in a piece of metal plate, such as licensing quickly make these objects of homogenization temperature and room temperature. Has to dry or drying bearing, shall delimit the oil drip into the smooth and entrusted to raid immediately and outside their FAG bearing without oil film protection, in the process of all raid shall direct the war and the skin of hands, the operator should wear clean gloves, or hand coated with rust inhibitor, but must prevent the rotation of the hands of anti-rust agent mixed with auto bearing, or you will make the measurement results.
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