Bearing retainer on the control characteristics of the welding machine and welding principle - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
For welding of bearing retainer applicability is wide and can, in principle, the forging can use flash butt welding of metal materials. Such as low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal and alloy can use flash butt welding. Why are flash butt welding machine applicable so widely? It and its advantages. The following is to introduce you to! 1. Bearing retainer on the welder welding efficiency is high, the welding process is in commonly 10 seconds ( The section about) and docking, , far higher than the average arc welding welding way. 2. The bearing retainer welder welding with high precision. Adopt PLC programmable controller and the servo motor control flash process, can accurate setting flashing, flashing speed and quantity of by microcomputer resistance welding controller to control the welding current, which can effectively control after welding parts of total length; 3. The welding deformation is small. Because of the hot metal during welding of upsetting being squeezed out, and the copper electrode has strong heat dissipation effect, therefore smaller heat affected parts, use of material properties to keep. 4, high welding strength. Welding without adding any parent metal outside of the metal material, after welding tensile strength can reach more than 95% of the parent metal, almost invisible weld after polishing. 5, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
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