Bearing lubrication purpose

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Rolling bearing lubrication purpose is to reduce the bearing internal friction and wear, prevent burning stick. What are its lubrication effect, then by one-way needle roller bearing for your detailed answer. 1, reduce friction and wear in the form of bearing ring, rolling body and touch each other part of the retainer, prevent metal contact, reduce friction and wear. 2, extend the fatigue life of fatigue life of rolling bearing, in the rotation, good lubrication performance of the rolling contact surface, extend; On the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, the thickness of lube film is not good, is shortened. 3, discharge frictional heat and cooling cycle to oil can discharge by friction heat, oil, or from external heat from the cooling. To prevent hotbox, prevent aging oil itself. 4, other also has to prevent foreign matter into the bearing internal, or to prevent rust and corrosion effect. The above is the small make up to tell you about small knowledge, information, welcome customers to negotiate, if you want to know more about, please continue to focus on our company website, we will continue to service for you!
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