Vertical mill rocker bearing chamber the reason and repair steps - bearing knowledge online

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
'Vertical mill rocker bearing chamber why wear? Vertical mill rocker bearing chamber after wear how to repair? Repair roller mill rocker bearing chamber wear steps have? 'These vertical mill is the key to radial bearings are often focus on topics, in order to we can better repair roller mill room rocker bearing wear, China bearing network according to the summary, to share knowledge. The main reason for vertical mill rocker bearing chamber wear ( 1) Normal fatigue wear, long-term collision and extrusion metal fatigue caused the rocker arm bearing chamber to cause plastic deformation. ( 2) Running environment, mating surface, because of the dust produce clearance and lead to wear and tear. ( 3) With precision manufacturing technology, it is difficult to achieve theory, there are certain gap caused mating surface. Repair the rocker arm bearing chamber wear method ( 1) Remove after repair welding processing, maintenance time is long, remove the time-consuming, high cost of installation, repair welding after mating surface gaps still exist, and the stress concentration can not effectively solve the problem. ( 2) Brush plating repair technology, the demand of the brush plating can't exceed the critical thickness, and in the process of using brush plating are easy to fall off, short service life. ( 3) Carbon nano polymer materials, the material is a high performance resin and carbon nano inorganic materials by polymerization technology, producing a functional composite materials. The biggest advantage is impact resistant materials, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high compressive strength, strong adhesion, excellent machining performance, can be in the adhesion of metal, concrete, glass, PVC, rubber and other materials. Vertical mill rocker bearing chamber wear online repair case: a raw material for cement group problems larger low-frequency vibration grinding, and the vertical mill using about 8 - 10 years, the four roller rocker support part has been severely damaged, serious wear is 20 ~ 30 mm, the early stage of the enterprises have adopted other metal repair process to repair, bearing the outage overhaul, it found that the original repair materials cause secondary wear has disappeared.
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