To improve the bearing use maintenance measures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
From among the upper bearing and bearing lateral ( Toward the roller head) Injection of grease is not well into the internal rolling mill bearing, and easy loss, cause the rolling mill work surface is in inferior position, bearing to lead to premature failure of the bearing. Therefore, to improve the bearing oil, the inside of the bearing seat ( Toward the roll) Add oil, improving fat injection effect, and got good bearing lubrication, most of the grease lubrication rolling mill is now. Due to the structure of vertical mill roll in spinning, prolong the service life of bearing. According to the requirement of the host components into a specified grease or oil; In the bearing and the bearing and shaft assembly, seat hole between surplus quantity larger when the product must be carried out on the bearing oil bath heating, the oil temperature at 80 degrees Celsius; Bearing is disassembled, must use a special tool drawing class, it is forbidden to use the iron tapping bearing directly; Bearing assembly and disassembly, should avoid to keep rolling body, plane stress or deformation.
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