Prevent the erosion of insert ball bearing unit maintenance tips - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Insert ball bearing unit by using environment is different, so the performance of the eroded is also different, because the erosion in a different way. Bearing, of course, also won't get away eroded fate, this is speaking about bearing erosion under the three ways. 1, cavitation set-contained spherical bearing of cavitation is contact with the liquid and solid surface generated by the relative motion form of surface damage. When the lubricating oil in the oil film of low pressure area, oil will form bubbles, the bubbles movement to high, the pressure under the action of air bubble breaking, the breaking of instant impact and high temperature, solid surface under the effect of the impact of repeated, material fatigue peeling, the friction surface appear small pits, and then developed into the cavernous scars. Overload, high speed, and the sliding bearing with higher load and speed, often occurs cavitation; Insert ball bearing unit 2, fluid erosion of fluid erosion refers to the fluid fierce shock can cause fluid solid surface erosion, point to appear on the solid surface scars, the damage of the surface is smooth; 3, electric erosion of bearing electric erosion means due to the motor or electric leakage, produce electric spark between insert ball bearing friction surface, on the friction surface caused by dot scar, is characterized by damage reciprocating appear on the surface of the journal that hard. To predict the fatigue life of insert ball bearing, residual life, we have to know all of the bearing fatigue damage phenomenon, this will take a long time. However, due to the rolling fatigue happened under the compressive stress of contact fatigue, to achieve damaged great material changes will occur. Therefore, in addition to early crack, raceway surface appear to suffer before chemical effect, the propagation of the crack material change, can determine the bearing fatigue testing material change. Scrape off the bearing, shaft neck and the lumen of the old grease, clean with cleaner bearing and shaft neck and dried with a cloth, cloth rub-up lumen in the end. Check the bearing and the bearing race, found a crack, the fatigue spalling and bearing roller is loose wait for a phenomenon, should replace the bearing. If found a pit on the bearing race, should also be replaced. Check insert ball bearing inside diameter and shaft neck to cooperate, fit clearance should not be greater than zero. 10 mm measuring axle neck, should be in vertical ground fluctuation two parts ( The place for the biggest wear parts) Measurement. If the use of fit clearance in excess of the prescribed limits, a bearing should be replaced, restore normal fit clearance. Don't allow on the shaft neck burr, pitting to narrow the gap. After being all parts meet the requirements, put among the bearing daub grease inside. Will insert ball bearing inner chamber should be paid attention to when daub grease, grease should be packed into bearing inner until from the other side of the bearing grease. Within the lumen and shaft epicranium apply a thin layer of grease, rust prevention effect. Pay attention to the grease cavity don't apply too much, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation and brake. Will return to the journal and bearing is installed outside, adjust the shaft head nut screw on with the hand, and then with the shaft head wrench torque tighten the adjusting nut according to the rules. Tighten nut, should turn right or left laps, look at the bearing installation; On the other hand, by rotating bearing and the seat right to cooperate. The bearing appropriate tightness, felt by the free rotation of the wheels is not out of the axial clearance. Finally installed in turn lock plate, a fixed nut, tire, dust cover, and decorative cover, etc. Insert ball bearing adjustment, a mileage traveled ( Around 10 km) Parking, check for dry touch of temperature, if fever, adjust the tight, for bearing should be readjusted, appropriate release bearing tightness.
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