Press the main shaft bearing wear smart repair - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Press, common equipment in industrial production. While the spindle is the core of press parts, main shaft bearing repair, has been one of the focuses of the enterprise one of the hot issues. About the spindle repair process, from the traditional to the modern new technology, has been the focus. One coffee grounds processing workshop 2 # squeezing machine spindle abnormal running process, the discovery after checking equipment downtime inlet into the steel tube, the spindle blade and screen wall interaction the squeeze net wall cut deep defects, caused the entire spindle form the axial displacement, due to the large torque force generated by the role of main shaft spiral blade of axial force is big, causes the drive side thrust bearing cataclastic crushed to death, and the friction between the spindle bearing a badly worn. Equipment problems after the enterprise personnel to overhaul parts and motor drive side support, remove the discovery after bearing thrust bearing outer ring was completely within the fracture, fracture of bearing on bearing also caused serious damage. Found after removal of bearing, bearing a have not return to install serious wear and tear, because the device is in Germany imported equipment such large imported spare parts, only to find a way to repair. Enterprise contact outsourcing personnel understand the repair methods, no enterprise can give using traditional techniques to repair its effect also cannot be guaranteed. Later the sauvy industrial field repair technology, in view of the bearing wear has a complete set of repair scheme and the repair process, it is according to the different equipment, different forms, such as bearing fits the coaxial degree after fully considering the repair, shaft neck size tolerance, surface roughness, etc, adopt suitable for site condition environment mature repair technology to realize the scene the purpose of quick fixes. Sauvy carbon nano polymer field repair process: (1) surface treatment: baking oil, grinding, cleaning, realize the shaft repair rough surface, the purpose of a clean, dry; (2) harmonic sauvy carbon nano polymer materials, then apply evenly to the shaft surface; (3) using the technology of rapid prototyping at the site; (4) polymer materials natural curing; (5) clean surface, bearing a repair work done; 6. According to the requirements of all kinds of assembly complete bearing assembly work, bearing and other parts hot charging can be realized. Before the repair
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