Needle roller bearing common fault elimination process

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
1, analysis of the cause of the problem: the blades with sleeve and bearing seat bearing is fixed on both sides to cooperate. Commissioning occurs again free end bearing high temperature, the vibration value is on the high side of fault, disassemble the bearing on the cover, manual slow rotary fan, found in the axis of a particular position of bearing roller, in the load section are rolling. To determine the bearing running clearance changes on the high side and installation clearance may be insufficient. Measured, bearing internal clearance is only 0. 4 mm, uranium eccentric reaches 0. 08mm; To avoid, because of the large bearing span around a shaft deflection or bearing installation Angle error is more difficult, therefore, a large fan USES can be adjusted automatically central spherical roller bearings. But when the bearing internal clearance is insufficient. Bearing internal rolling movement due to space restrictions, the function of the automatic ecg, vibration value will rise. Bearing internal clearance decreases with increasing with the tightness, unable to form the lubrication film, when the bearing running clearance due to temperature drop to zero, if the heat generated by the bearing running is still greater than the heat dissipation, bearing temperature will climb quickly, at this time, if not immediately stop, bearing will be burning, with tight of bearing inner ring and the shaft is in this case, bearing the cause of the abnormal high temperature operation. 2, elimination method: processing, step down tight sleeve, readjust the matching of the shaft and the inner ring tightness, after the replacement bearing clearance from 0. 10mm。 To restart the installation fan, bearing vibration value and operating temperature back to normal. Bearing internal clearance is too small or poor parts design and manufacture of precision, are a major extension bearing operating temperature on the high side, for the convenience of the fan equipment installation; Repairing and maintenance. Commonly used more on the design of set set of bearing inner ring with tapered bore the bearing bearing, but also easily because of the negligence of the installation program problem. Especially the adjust of the appropriate clearance. Bearing internal clearance is too small. Operating temperature rise sharply: tapered bore the bearing inner ring is too loose and set fit, the bearing easily due to the loose fitting surface occurred in fault loss in the short term.
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