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Low noise sealed bearing grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
Foreign low noise sealed bearing grease points roughly three categories: general low noise motor bearing grease, high-speed bearing grease in low temperature, high temperature and long service life and low noise bearing grease. 1. General low noise motor bearing grease in the bearing industry, this kind of grease are the biggest, accounts for about 70% of the total in fat mass. Because this kind of grease to choose soft, easy to filter the fibres lithium soap thickeners, the use of mineral oil as base oil, it is easy to meet the requirements of low-standard bearing to reduce the vibration value. Another advantage is good pumping, whether mechanical fatliquoring, or manual besmear fat, is easy. Moreover, the lower the price of the grease, bearing the cost can be greatly reduced. However, because of using the mineral base oil, make this kind of grease in the derusting and rust resistance of some physical and chemical indicators on a big discount. Such as bearing life can reach 200 hours, starting and running torque in - 20 ℃ test is difficult. The grease used temperature for - generally 20 ~ 120 ℃, when used in high temperature above 150 ℃, there will be a base oil evaporation too fast, the phenomenon such as erosion, shorten the service life of bearing. 2. Low-temperature high-speed bearing grease at present, the use of precision bearing equipment has become increasingly sophisticated, prompting bearing grease used must have the following properties: ( 1) Have the same operation and bearing life, try to prolong the maintenance cycle, shorten downtime, improve labor productivity. ( 2) Under the high speed of dn > 5 x 105 to ensure that the motor temperature rise is low, not dump oil, thus reducing power consumption and protect the motor. ( 3) The impurity content control under certain criteria, the earth can reduce noise pollution to the environment. ( 4) In turn guarantees bearing under working conditions starting and operation flexibility, guarantee the output power is minimal. Foreign company selects high purity chemical synthetic grease oil and special additives, on high cleanliness of the environment and equipment development and production of the high-speed bearing grease in low temperature. , such the shortcomings of the grease is in more than 150 ℃ when used with a sharp drop in its life, the rise of temperature load and impact resistance is weak, should avoid to use on large bearing, in case the result of the boundary lubrication sintering. 3. High temperature and long life and low noise bearing grease under the environment of high temperature and high speed using grease should have the following features: ( 1) Don't loss at high temperatures, namely consistency is constant at about 180 ℃ temperature, not soften. ( 2) Oil spill is less. When the grease in the bearing under high frequency repeated shear function, and a lot of centrifugal force lubrication timely back into the race is not thrown out. ( 3) This type of grease to the service life of high temperature to a certain extent, has good oxidation resistance at high temperature, so as to prolong the service life of bearings and related equipment. ( 4) Have a mute effect, due to the high temperature grease fiber general hardness is larger, so quiet in the bearing noise test performance than a lithium base grease. High-temperature long-life grease is generally divided into two kinds, one kind is compound lithium base grease, the high temperature performance is good, but due to its low molecular acid viscosifier crystallization, allow it to increase the hardness of fiber is bigger, show the vibration performance is poor in the bearing. But by controlling the degree of polymerization, is a kind of uniform molecular weight distribution of products, such products will be dispersed in the base oil with special method, then made another noise performance and high temperature performance is also excellent lubricating grease. This grease average drop point is greater than 250 ℃, using temperature is 200 ℃ or so, the thickening agent does not contain metal ions in the crystal, fiber hardness is small, the noise performance is very good. At the same time, due to its basic chemical composition of thermal coupling effect between reducing the high temperature grease. This kind of high temperature and high speed low noise does not contain any grease can cause catalysis and oxidation of metal ions, and contain rich nitrogen oxygen thickener is also a kind of antioxidant, therefore, the service life of the bearing and the sound quality is better. Table 1 for foreign companies to produce sealed bearing grease.
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