How to solve the problems of noise and use note FAG bearings, bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
( 1) Scars of sound and its control method of rolling bearing rolling appearance if there is crack, indentation, or rust, will attack like rivet rivet cyclical vibration and noise, the cycle can be fixed but mostly, the corresponding relationship between rotating speed into the inevitable scars will continue in the channel, and scars on the ball, and the noise with the device and smooth and there is a premise of transformation. Device for this kind of noise control method are: no percussion bearings, FAG bearings and shaft assembly after a load bearing seat when avoid bearing oblique; Inventory to avoid the bearing corrosion and transportation to avoid the impact of vibration; Using high viscosity of smooth and fat. ( 2) Dust acoustic rolling bearing with dust and other foreign body and its restraint, will attack the periodic vibration and so-called dust, the vibration and noise of intrusive, and with or without. Dust acoustic control measures are: to improve the bearing cleaning method, before the device will be bearing, shaft and hole and matching parts all stern qing shen clean; Clear smooth agent inside the foreign body; To improve the bearing seal; Avoid using data not pure or foreign bodies are embedded plastic stick to. ( 3) Lubricating elements make up the noise and its countermeasures of lubricant aging scleroma, choose wrong, lack of lubricant or attack can cause FAG bearing vibration and noise, and the noise is not necessarily the rules. About this situation, as long as chooses appropriate smooth agent, adjust its smooth dose, extends the using life of smooth agent and reasonable change cycle. Usage note: rolling bearings are precision components, its use should be measured accordingly. No matter how high performance bearing use, if use undeserved, will not get the desired performance. Use of bearing the note below. ( 1) And keep the bearing and the surrounding clean. Even the eyes can't see the little dust, also can bring bad influence to FAG bearings. So, keep the surrounding clean, dust from invading bearing. ( 2) , carefully use. In use for bearing strong impact, will produce scar and creasing, become the cause of the accident. Severe cases, can crack, fracture, so must pay attention to. ( 3) And use the appropriate operating tools. Avoid to existing tools to replace, must use the appropriate tools. ( 4) And to pay attention to the corrosion of the bearing. Operation FAG bearing, hand sweat will become the cause of rust. Pay attention to the operation with clean hands, it is better to try to bring gloves.
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