How to make the use of needle roller bearing longevity

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Extend the service life of needle roller bearing is one of the focuses of the people has long topic, through long-term study found that the extension of the service life of the needle roller bearing is not alone a measure, but from implementation, combining various aspects including storage, cleaning, transportation, use, handling, and so on. Want to prolong the service life of needle roller bearing, first of all, is not to be exposed in the air, must be stored in a clean, dry and comfortable temperature warehouse, also in avoiding and acid, alkali and chemicals such as corrosive substances together. At the same time, in the handling process, but also to avoid knock against, drop deformation and damage. In addition to the double sealed bearing cover, as the rest of bearing in the factory are rust-proof oil, needle roller bearing is no exception. So it has to be cleaner, before using the right thing to do is to immerse in 8 - mixed in 10% mineral oil in gasoline, wash bearing surface rust inhibitor, clean after the bearing can't rotate. Installation quality and factors affecting the service life of the needle roller bearing, and the supporting shaft or hole should be smooth, no burr, under the condition of meet the requirements as long as the datum to bearing, you can easily install it in place. Bearings after installation, should stay flexible rotation, no stop. There is also a key point, that is, the needle roller bearing proper lubrication, choosing the appropriate lubrication system and the high quality lubricant. And maintenance regularly, can avoid needle roller bearing damage caused by the lubrication problem. Want to prolong the service life of needle roller bearing, certainly will need to improve the performance of needle roller bearing so reasonable adjustment is very important. Assembly or installation, such as bearing internal clearance is too large or too small, or in some cases, the preloading load is too high, can cause early damage and shorten the life of the bearing.
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