Drawn cup needle roller bearing main structure

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
As one of professional logistics transmission parts manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of professional logistics conveyer roller, pipeline transportation vehicle composite roller, sprocket, roller and other packaging and printing machinery with shaft roller bearing this company specialized production packing, printing machinery with shaft roller bearing, etc. Models mainly include CF4, CF5, CF6, CF8, CF10, CF10 - 1 CF12 CF16、CF18 CF20 CF20 - 1、CF24 CF24 - 1、CF30 CF30 - 1,CF30 - 2. And so on main structural forms: bearing code structure KR has maintains a suffix 'X' is expressed as cylindrical surface, for example: KR16 XKR. 。 PP has a cage with seals KRV full needle KRV. 。 PP full needle tape sealing ring NUKR full roller NUKRE full cylindrical roller with eccentric set of CR imperial maintains a CR. 。 UU English has a cage with seals CRV. 。 。 English no cage CRV. 。 。 UU imperial seal CRY cage free zone. 。 。 VCRY。 。 。 Have confirmed KRVE VUUKRE said with eccentric sleeve, said that with eccentric sleeve, full type
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